NL: Drones fly over gerberas in this greenhouse

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On Saturday, April 6, a drone flew over the gerberas in the Zuidplaspolder during the Kom in Kas (Visit the Greenhouse) event. Florinco and Royal Brinkman showcased the capabilities of autonomous drone flights in greenhouses at Gerbera United in Nootdorp. The purpose of these drone flights is to collect aerial imagery. The drone captures imagery utilized to develop AI models to make predictions about harvests, for example.

A drone in the greenhouse, for many in the horticulture sector means innovation and development, yet for a few growers, it has become a reality. How fascinating it would be if a drone could fly above the crops, providing growers with insights from above at all times. This has recently become a reality at Gerbera United in Nootdorp. Florinco, in collaboration with Royal Brinkman, is testing and developing their autonomous drone here.

Drone in the greenhouse
With the autonomous drone, it’s possible to automatically collect data with a camera above the crops. The imagery collected by the drone is used to gain insights into crop growth but also to detect diseases and pests early and on a larger scale. Once the flight is complete, the drone returns to the so-called dock station to transmit the imagery and recharge for the next flight.

From data to value
The systematic collection of imagery adds value. This value increases when the collected data from the imagery can be converted into actionable insights. It’s important to be able to view the crops, but this importance escalates when artificial intelligence can be employed to analyze this data. This is also feasible with the drone solution, where flowers can be counted, analyses of plant growth can be made, and locations of diseases and pests can be detected and indicated. So, the grower receives relevant information, saving time and providing earlier and more accurate insights.

Royal Brinkman recognizes the importance of converting data into value and has entered into a collaboration with Florinco to further enhance and market this solution. Koen Bol, innovation specialist at Royal Brinkman, states: “An autonomous drone is a significant data collection technique that fits within Royal Brinkman’s strategy. This provides the grower with even more information to optimize the cultivation process.”

Click here fot the Kom in de Kas (Visit the Greenhouse) photo report (in Dutch).

Kom in de Kas
On Saturday, April 6, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the drone was be visible to the general public at Gerbera United in Nootdorp during Kom in de Kas. Florinco has implemented one of the first drone implementations here.

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