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Recently, Nursery Bergcamp hosted an open day for its customers, dubbed ‘Customer Spring Day.’ March 21 officially marks the beginning of spring, but in more ways than one, this year also signified a fresh start for the nursery. The new greenhouse has recently been put into operation, the first campanulas and pelargoniums are replacing the last cyclamens, and it was also an opportune moment to introduce the new concept of Fresh & Fruity.

Robert, Tamara, and Walter van der Berg during a presentation.

It all happened remarkably fast, Tamara van der Berg shared. The land was purchased on March 1 last year, the first post went up on May 6, and by September, the first plants were set up. Four months later, at the beginning of this year, those plants left the company, and each of these milestones was celebrated in line with the company’s unofficial motto, “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

The four concepts, clockwise from top left: the fragrant geraniums of ‘Fresh & Fruit,’ Campanula ‘Addenda,’ Pelargonium ‘Long Life’, and the ‘Exclusive’ Cyclamens

Fresh & Fruity
The Fresh & Fruity concept, which introduces the market to fragrant geraniums, was acquired last year from Pedro Plant. Owner Peter Boekesteijn was looking for a new custodian for it, and Bergcamp was in search of a fourth main product. It complements the other three beautifully, Tamara knows, and the market itself has long been aware. “The majority has already been sold, but we’ve grown more than what was previously produced by Pedro Plant, so some will soon be available on the open market as well.”

Walter demonstrates how to easily adjust the straps.

The van der Berg family is evidently proud of the outcome. The new greenhouse spans 4.3 hectares and is built adjacent to the existing facility on Hoogweg in De Lier. The farm is equipped with an ebb and flow floor, a new processing room, and the technology (water, climate, internal logistics) is state-of-the-art.

This BergEik machine allows for the automatic distribution of plants.

The shiny new buffer.

The cutting robot at work.

Plants whizzing through the greenhouse.

And then there is the wonderful smell.

For more information:
Nursery Bergcamp
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