NL: “Afternoon dedicated to peat-free Kalanchoe at ‘the Greenhouse'”

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Recently, a group of Kalanchoe growers gathered at Van der Knaap Group’s innovation center ‘de Kas’ to view and discuss the trial with Kalanchoe on alternative substrates. This spring, ‘de Kas’ is hosting a trial with Kalanchoe. These are being grown on substrates that do not contain peat. The results so far have been positively evaluated by the visitors.

Trial in ‘de Kas’
Social debates are putting pressure on the use of peat, and growers are increasingly facing market demand for peat-free grown Kalanchoe, particularly from the United Kingdom. Reason enough to set up a trial in the innovation center ‘de Kas,’ where Van der Knaap cultivates Kalanchoe on peat-free substrates.

For the trial, four different substrates are used. These consist of circular and renewable materials that have already been tested by the Van der Knaap Group. In addition, Van der Knaap uses coconut, a renewable material that is widely used in substrates. The results are compared with a reference substrate based on peat. During the trial, progress is regularly assessed. Not only by Van der Knaap, a number of growers also visit the trial regularly.

Testing the new substrates proves to be challenging in practice due to the automated cultivation systems. In the sections of ‘de Kas,’ different cultivation situations can be simulated. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the crop, the company also focuses on developing the optimal watering and fertilization strategy.

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