NIRP International and Timaflor cheers to Barolo

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NIRP International, breeder of the new cut rose Barolo®, cheers with Timaflor, the first company that planted and is now harvesting the first flowers of this new red rose.

Thomas Fransen, GM at Timaflor, Alessandro Ghione, CEO of NIRP, Simon Van der Burg, CEO of Timaflor.

Summer of 2014, a good year for wine and… roses!
This new variety comes from a cross-pollination in the summer of 2014. The code went through the strict selection process for several years, overcoming all the tests: excellent shape and color, no thorns, very elegant opening, a unique red tone in the cut roses panorama. Average stem lenght 50-80 cm. Completed with high productivity performances and resistance to diseases.

Barolo in pre-commercial phase at NIRP East Africa

Timaflor looking for a unique red
In 2022 at NIRP East Africa show case, Barolo attracted the attention of several rose growers, especially Thomas Fransen, General Manager at TIMAFLOR who fell in love at first sight. The preparation of the budding material started soon and the first plants of Barolo have been planted at Timaflor in 2023.

The planting of Barolo at Timaflor and the first flowers

The first flush: productivity, shape, color: everything seems very promising
This march NIRP had the 3rd visit to the planting of Barolo at TIMAFLOR, together with CEO Mr. Simon Van der Burg and GM Thomas Fransen.

“We are very excited about this new red. The variety is growing and producing very well. Alessandro Ghione, CEO at NIRP International, says: “It was a great emotion to see the productivity and the beauty of the flowers just harvested.”

Harvesting of the first flowers for the Auction

Fresco Flower, among the best flower unpackers/distributors, is already busy this week with the introduction of Barolo at Royal Flora Holland Aalsmeer. Don’t miss it: VBN Auction code 129736.

Alessandro Ghione concludes: “various promotion activities are planned for the coming months, ready to cheers with Barolo?”.

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