New tulip variety announced at China (Shanghai) Tulip Conference

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From April 8 to April 10, the 2024 China (Shanghai) Floral and Tourism Industry Conference and the 8th China Tulip Conference are held in Shanghai. The conference aims to promote the innovation of the flower and tourism industry and enhance competitiveness. Attendees from flower companies, governments, and associations joined the event, and some flower experts from the Netherlands were also there.

The conference is held at Shanghai Flower Port, a park that has been cooperating with the Netherlands for more than 10 years and grows many tulips every year. It has become an education center for large-scale modern greenhouse production, and each year in April, the park will open for tourism, a bit like Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

The flower industry plays an important role in people’s daily life. However, it also faces many challenges nowadays. For example, the whole year’s price was not good last year, so how to promote the consumption of flowers? How to combine flowers with other industries to enhance competitiveness? How to operate a flower center successfully? As there are more and more people living in the city, how can they achieve a suitable living environment? People have so many discussions about these topics.

Also, a new tulip variety named “Shanghai Fairy” was announced at the conference. It is jointly bred by the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shanghai Flower Port. In China, most flower varieties are imported from other countries, especially from the Netherlands. People are encouraged to research and develop their own varieties.

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