New trend of growing bulbs in containers

2 Min Read introduces a new approach to the popular “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” design concept by adding bulbs. By planting bulbs in containers, gardeners can elevate designs, adding dimension and “killer” intensity to their displays. With top combinations featuring crocosmia, lilies, gladiolus, and dahlias, this design method promises to redefine summer container gardening.

Fill plant pots with color-complementing summer flowering bulbs for a colorful display. As each variety blooms, consider relocating the containers to various locations, such as a front door or outdoor décor, for visual variation. Once the display fades, transfer the container to less prominent areas or empty the pots, preparing them for the next cycle. Recommended flower bulbs for this approach include Canna lilies, lilies, calla lilies, dahlias, gladiolas, and Ranunculus.

Explore a tropical theme with favorites like Canna lilies, known for bold, exotic foliage that adds drama to any space. Pair them with the intricate patterns of Caladium leaves for a contrast reminiscent of tropical island foliage. Plant lilies and calla lilies for a touch of sophistication and tropical flair.

In response to the challenges of overwintering bulbs in containers, emphasizes the practicality of growing bulbs as annuals, providing a sustainable solution for gardeners of all backgrounds.

Caring for a container garden is easy. Start by choosing a suitable container with good drainage. The bigger the pot, the better. More soil means the pots won’t dry out as quickly. Consider light conditions when planting and choose plants with the same light preferences. Purchase good quality potting soil, and never use garden soil. High-quality potting soil will include some fertilizer to get the plants off to a good start. Water regularly: pots, especially terra cotta pots, dry out quickly in the summer. Be prepared to water almost daily. Fertilize regularly: containers don’t hold nutrients because of their size and frequent watering. Be sure to fertilize per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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