New: sweeper and vacuum machine for children introduced

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Steenks Service is proud to launch the Stefix Mini: a children’s edition of its existing Stefix sweeping and vacuuming machines. According to the company, it’s a revolutionary invention that allows growers’ children to participate in the family business.

It’s no secret that the greenhouse horticulture industry consists of many family businesses where the grower’s profession is passed down from generation to generation. From a young age, growers’ children are involved in the business. The innovation of Steenks Service allows children to easily and safely participate in the family business.

Suitable for every sector
Steenks Service’s Stefix Mini is not only suitable for the horticulture sector. The innovation can also be used for horticultural businesses, production companies, factory halls, garages, garden centers, and distribution centers.

Safely usable
Entrepreneurs can safely entrust their children to this new machine. The machine meets all the safety requirements set according to the standard 20240401.

Stefix mini scrubbing machine
Following the introduction of the Stefix Mini sweeping machine, Steenks Service is exploring the possibilities for a Stefix Mini scrubbing machine. The Stefix machines work most efficiently when a kid and an adult version are used together.

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