New Premium Roses at Kikwetu Flowers for You

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Back from the IFTEX 2024 craze. Where the premium rose grower, Kikwetu Flowers reckons it was a great success. Through their colorful booth, they managed to showcase what exceptional quality roses look and feel like.

Now back to the farm, where continuous growth and production goes on. Interestingly, Kikwetu Flowers has new gifts for you, nothing less than premium quality as expected, of course! Here are new roses set to be introduced at the end of June, keep in mind and get ready to be amazed!

New Standard Roses for You

When it comes to premium roses, the grower does not take any chances. From the selection of rose varieties, and trialing to making advanced commercial decisions. Your needs dictate every move they make, every variety grown on the farm, and the quality promise.

The following are new additions to their standard rose assortment:

Rose Albatros

This rose needs no introduction, she is luxurious, pure, and classy in all senses. Whether for reflexing, or intricate floral designs, this white rose excels in all aspects!


Rose Albatros design by Ivan Bergh


Fit for all year-round designs, you will take delight in this rose, more so the impeccable quality from Kikwetu Flowers. Here is a chance for you to experience a different touch, style, and quality of Rose Albatros from the grower. From July, you are in for a real treat and a new adventure and exploration, are you ready?

Rose Albatros is a product of the exceptional rose breeder, Kordes Rosen.

Rose Paloma

Rose Paloma screams femininity loudly! But her intensity and two-toned appeal draw you in effortlessly.


Kikwetu Flowers
Rose Paloma


Rose Paloma from the breeder Rose Tantau, is ideal for any mixed floral needs. If you are looking to create something spectacular, but also with a touch of luxury and class, then Rose Paloma should be your go-to rose.


Kikwetu Flowers


Given that Kikwetu Flowers is a high-altitude farm, the bi-colored intensity of this rose will captivate you! More intense, attractive, and elegant.

Garden Spray Roses

Recently in her interview dubbed ’10 Questions to Lucy Yinda’, Lucy who is the director of Kikwetu Flowers reiterated that she was proud of their garden spray roses. Specifically, she mentioned that Juliettas’ spray roses are making headways in the market.


Kikwetu Flowers
Spray Rose Red Trendsetter


The new addition Spray Rose Red Trendsetter, will even be bigger and more colorful! If you have already experienced the grower’s garden roses, then you can testify that premium is indeed a promise they live up to. You should expect the same from this red-colored garden spray rose.

Continuous Improvement and Diversification

Kikwetu Flowers aims to be your one-stop shop when it comes to premium quality roses! They are keen to consistently be on the lookout for new and interesting rose varieties you would love.

Continuously selecting and trying new codes gives them a leg up when making quick and timely commercial decisions. Ingrained in their culture as the word ‘Kikwetu’ sums it, Swahili for our culture. It is in their culture to supply quality roses and to do so for the long haul.


Kikwetu Flowers


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