New plant growth chamber software from Conviron

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Conviron has recently launched new software called ConvironDirect. ConvironDirect is a premium software tool that enables plant scientists, growers, and facility managers to control chamber setpoints and actual conditions remotely through any building LAN-connected desktop, notebook, or handheld mobile device.

“We wanted to make it as easy as possible for growers to connect to their growth chambers, data, and growing conditions from virtually everywhere”, notes Richard Marusyk, Marketing Director. The company has developed software tools to do so for many years, and the launch of ConvironDirect marks the company’s latest step in doing so.

What makes ConvironDirect so valuable is that the user no longer has to be at their plant growth chamber or walk in the room to program their chambers or to check their status. The dashboard can be accessed from any device – laptops, desktops, or tablets.

“The dashboard layout is highly intuitive and equipped with enhanced graphing tools. This ensures growers always have a clear view of their data”, says John Proven, President & CEO

It’s also possible to customize the desktop to access many individual chambers at a glance, which all can be named according to user preferences.

ConvironDirect is fully compatible with Conviron chambers or rooms equipped with the CMP6060 control system (pictured above) running v7.11 software or higher.

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