New Iron Powder launched as a sustainable organic solution for plant health

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Biota Nutri has launched Biota Iron Powder, a micronutrient supplement designed to tackle iron deficiency in plants and sustainably elevate agricultural productivity. “What distinguishes Biota Iron Powder from other products in the market is its effectiveness, stability, UV friendliness, pure and trusted,” says Peter Klein.

He explains how Biota Iron Powder provides essential iron for any crop, promoting optimal growth with no chlorosis. “This organic supplement is stable and soluble, easily absorbable by the plant, and suitable for both conventional and organic farming methods. It can be used with any irrigation system or applied directly to the leaves by foliar spray.”

“Biota Iron Powder maintains water clarity, ensuring efficient UV treatment for water used in agriculture,” Peter continues. “It remains effective even after UV exposure, minimizing system issues,” he adds the powder is also Free from sodium and clay. It’s certified by reputable organizations like SKAL, OMRI, Pro-Cert, and Ecocert, guaranteeing its organic integrity and safety.

“Furthermore, research confirms Biota Iron Powder’s effectiveness, even in drain water and high pH conditions,” adds Peter. “It represents a significant advancement in agricultural nutrition, promising improved plant health and yield for growers worldwide.”

The lab analysis results mentioned below show the amount of Biota iron (Fe) remained in the drain water of paprika and strawberry cultivations:

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