New generation of weight sensors for growers

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With new, smart plant weight solutions, Wireless Value aims to help growers worldwide to get their hands on more information to further optimize cultivation. Wireless Value continues to build a wireless measurement system to increasingly support growers in their daily decisions. A new generation of scales and a new weighing table contribute are designed to contribute to these efforts.

Kees van Vliet of Wireless Value recently spoke at an event about a cultivation trial in which sensors from the company were used in an LED crop.

New generation of scales
Last year, Wireless Value introduced wireless ventilated climate sensor, designed to mitigate the influence of sunlight on temperature measurements. This year, they are launching a new generation of scales.

According to the company, the new scale allows for weighing up to three substrate slabs per scale. In addition, the drain water is collected and directed to a custom-designed drain meter for accurate measurement. A separate meter has also been added to measure the output from a dripper.

Practical tests have demonstrated that there is a significant difference between the amount indicated per dripper by the climate computer and the actual output at the dripper. Bas Visser, Managing Director, explains: “With these refined measurements, growers can gain a better understanding of the water uptake and actual evaporation of the plant through the Wireless Value data portal. This data provides growers with the information they need to optimize their processes further.”

Bas at GreenTech 2023, the year of Wireless Value’s 20th anniversary.

Weighing table
At GreenTech Amsterdam, Wireless Value will also show a new weighing table. This is suitable for cultivation on rolling table containers with mesh or ebb and flow bottoms that are in the greenhouse for a longer period of time. Potted plants and phalaenopsis are examples.

Currently, there are solutions where a small part of the plants or trays are measured with a scale on the table itself. “With Wireless Value’s smart solution, you can weigh the entire table. This makes it possible to weigh the plants on the cultivation table throughout the cycle. This provides growers with useful information to monitor evaporation, fine-tune watering strategy, and further optimize cultivation.”

A small set-up of this weighing table will be on display at the Wireless Value stand at 05.217 during GreenTech Amsterdam, from 11 to 13 June at the Amsterdam RAI. Here, visitors can also discover the link to the Wireless Value online platform.

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