New CEO and new product lines for Valoya

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Greenlux Lighting Solutions will not only bring their new Valoya products to this year’s GreenTech, but will also bring their new CEO. Effective as of the 1st of June, Kari Kylä-Kaila is appointed as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer

With a career spanning over two decades in the lighting industry combined with his tenure at Greenlux, Mr. Kylä-Kaila brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. His appointment comes as the LED lighting sector undergoes transformation and technological advancements.Considering this changing landscape, Greenlux is confident that Mr. Kylä-Kaila’s leadership will guide the company through these shifts, allowing it to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an evolving market. “His extensive background in LED lighting market uniquely positions him to drive Greenlux towards continued success, providing cutting-edge lighting solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the industry.”

To address the diverse range of horticultural needs in this changing landscape, Valoya, part of Greenlux Lighting Solutions, also launched a new product line. “We want to empower growers with advanced lighting solutions that maximize yield, optimize plant health, and promote sustainability.”

The new UV Product Line consists of UV products which cover the full spectrum from 280nm to 400nm, including a 3-channel option for precise control.

For 1:1 HPS replacement, there’s the RX325 & RX600 Wide Beam series. These boast up to 50% electricity savings while delivering exceptional uniform light distribution. “Ideal for greenhouse environments.”

Regarding the high efficiency white light, the team has the Lumi-GH spectrum present, which outperforms conventional HPS lights and fosters robust plant growth with a perfectly balanced Red: Far Red (R:FR) ratio.

Also, a spectrum tailored for greenhouse is launched. “The Solray385FR spectrum offers a visually appealing white light while promoting higher sugar content and longer shelf life in fruits and vegetables.”

For fluorescent replacement, the Lumi-CS provides a solution. “It replicates traditional fluorescent lights with superior performance and efficiency compared to fluorescent tubes.”

Growers looking for more yield and faster growth can look into the Lumi-VF spectrum, which provides a range of wavelengths for healthy plant development, accelerated growth, and increased biomass.

Valoya (Greenlux Lighting Solutions) will unveil new innovations at hall 5, booth 214 at GreenTech 2024.

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