Natalia Uribe Talks About The Importance of Sustainability at Alexandra Farms

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In a recent interview with Natalia Uribe, the Communications and Marketing Specialist at Alexandra Farms, the spotlight falls on the crucial role of sustainable practices and initiatives in fostering a positive work environment. Alexandra Farms strives to empower and grow by championing principles that not only prioritize ecological responsibility but also nurture a culture of harmony and fulfillment within the workplace. Join this interview as she talks in detail about these topics and much more!

Discover More About Alexandra Farms’ Sustainability Initiatives in an Interview With Natalia Uribe

When it comes to sustainability, many businesses are looking for the best strategies and initiatives to help them take a step forward in the world of sustainability, striving for a better, greener environment for plant and flower production. Alexandra Farms from Colombia shares critical information about how they are changing the way they work, one step at a time.



Q: What sustainable initiatives/ projects are you implementing at Alexandra Farms at the moment?


“We work under the guidelines in our Environmental and Social Certification, Florverde. Florverde is an independent social and environmental standard that ensures that flowers certified under this program have been responsibly produced. We have been fully certified by Florverde for over 10 years. In addition to the environmental guidelines they require, we are currently working on making the most of our renewable natural resources and managing our non-biodegradable waste (all our biodegradable waste is turned into compost and re-incorporated into the soil).


Closeup of Alexandra Farms roses


Additionally, we gather rainwater throughout the year in our reservoirs as our main source of irrigation for our flowers. The water is purified and fertilized as needed, and what’s left over daily is filtered to carry out that same process again. In this way, we manage water waste and reutilize what’s available to us. Lastly, we’ve been planting native trees around our farm to counteract carbon emissions. These trees are endemic to our ecosystem and do not need to be artificially watered.


Reservoir and trees surrounding Alexandra Farms

Reservoir and trees surrounding Alexandra Farms in Colombia


Q: Why is sustainability important for Alexandra Farms as a company? 


“We have always strived to operate sustainably, not only because of our impact on climate change, but as a responsible entity – one that strives to leave the next generation with a better environment than the one we inherited. This is particularly important for Alexandra Farms since we are a business that works, owes, and depends on nature.

It’s been very fulfilling to be part of a company that constantly and thoroughly evaluates its operations and evaluates how it can improve its sustainability strategy. I think there has never been a question about becoming and remaining sustainable; it’s been a big ingrained part of our work ethic since our beginnings almost 20 years ago.”

Q: What are some of the future plans and strategies in sight regarding sustainability initiatives? 


Our work with Florverde has already significantly reduced our use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We are not looking at implementing additional natural fertilization options and are using more and more natural biopesticides.  We are also looking into the use of solar panels to reduce electricity consumption.”

Q: How does Alexandra Farms take care of its people? What are the most important values you take into consideration? 


“Florverde has helped us implement many policies that benefit our people and we go above and beyond what a Florverde certification requires. Alexandra Farms is proud to provide a respectable income to more than 400 employees and their families. It’s very important for us to make sure everyone is being looked after, so primarily, every employee is offered medical assistance (dental, regular check-ups, optometry). We are also a company that provides support for our employees through a corporate credit union financed by the company and the employees themselves. This allows employees to access credit for special needs or emergencies. As a company, we value everyone’s work and compensate them accordingly.”


Working at Alexandra Farms
Fostering a happy, caring, and responsible work environment for all Alexandra Farms employees is a vital component


Q: What are the most important values when caring for Alexandra Farms’ employees? 


“The main value I’ve seen in my time here is immense gratitude (for and from our employees) and with it, the recognition of the people that work here and any kind of hardship they might have faced. I truly believe Alexandra Farms has been present to support our employee’s well-being. We believe it is good business policy to take care of our employees and support them. This has been a key factor in our success – our people’s loyalty and care.”

Q: Why is caring for your people and the environment such an important core value for the company?


“The environment and the people are our most valuable assets. Our environment provides the conditions for our roses to be of the highest quality in the world and our people turn that promise into reality. Without them, we would not be much at all. Alexandra Farms handles every aspect of cultivating garden roses, among other flowers, with deserving delicacy and, well, love. We see it as plainly natural to take care of the very things that make up our purpose. This means honoring the work of our employees and the challenges and changes of the environment to be able to keep going.”


Happy work environment at Alexandra Farms


Q: What does it take to start becoming sustainable as a business?


“Primarily consciousness. To be aware of the changes needed, to study and find better ways, and to be supported by a team of equal ethics. Sustainable resources or operations aren’t always the simplest, and all changes we make to be more sustainable are gradual and slowly implemented, but as the first step, there has to be an interest ignited by consciousness.”


Compost resource at Alexandra Farms

A compost area in Alexandra Farms


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Photos courtesy of Alexandra Farms

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