Naaldwijk flowers fully switched to Select Delivery

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Since 2022, Royal FloraHolland have been processing all flowers in Naaldwijk through the order picking system. In February this year, plant clock 11 was added. For buyers, this change meant that step-by-step delivery time periods became possible. Since March 2024, all (flower) buyers in Naaldwijk have opted for one or more time slots.

Time-slot delivery, or Select Delivery, allows the buyer to determine the delivery time of the products purchased. So now, after Rijnsburg, every buyer in Naaldwijk can also enjoy the benefits of time slots.

A suitable time slot for everyone
Whereas buyers could not choose a delivery time in the old distribution process, they can now choose one thanks to order picking. “We hear many positive stories from buyers in Naaldwijk. Precisely because a buyer can now choose which time slot or combination of time slots is most suitable for his own business process.”

The most popular time slot at the moment, with over 50%, is 6:00 to 11:00. Logical, as this time slot resembles the process buyers were familiar with. Yet more and more buyers recognize that the new time slots can actually help further optimize their own process. For instance, 10:00 to 13:00 offers the possibility of more spreading, and you now temporarily get a €0.25 cent discount per transaction for 11:00 – 15:00. “We do this because we recognize that it is also necessary for Royal FloraHolland to be able to achieve more spread. This allows us to maintain the high delivery reliability of 98%, even in the busier periods.”

Smart use of Select Delivery
With all these new time-slots, it is sometimes difficult to determine which time-slot suits your processes. The flexibility of Select Delivery allows you to choose which location, for which day of the week, for which copperplate and which products you want to use which time period.

For example, would you like extra early delivery only in the period around Mother’s Day, or with more spread out delivery? You have that flexibility, because you can always change your delivery period by calling the Customer Contact Centre. After you contact the Customer Contact Centre, an expert on time-slots will call you to look at the possibilities together.

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