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Atelier Sören Van Laer is a young Belgian-French florist team that doesn’t shy away from challenges. They have been running a flower deco shop in the heart of the town of Bornem (near Antwerp) for the past two years. Besides the shop, they love to dress up grand events with flowers.

I Joined myThursd

As one of the first members of myThursd, I pitched a project for the Black Tulip Group last summer. They wanted to highlight Limonium. I have a blog called  I love writing, I love flowers, and I want to help Belgian and French designers. So myThursd is a great tool for me to create beautiful win-wins. Sören’s team is not afraid of a big challenge, so he knew the perfect event to make these Limoniums shine. Brussels’ historic town hall was hosting a tribute to a Belgian icon, artist René Magritte, on the occasion of his 125th birthday.

The surrealist painter René Magritte is known for his playful provocation and witty humor. With his powerful visual language, starting from simple, almost banal objects, he creates a world of double meanings and extra storylines.


Design by Atelier Sören van Laer


It’s All About Connecting

How do you articulate such a powerful message in flowers? 
A key visual element in René Magritte’s work is the umbrella. So Aymeric Chaouche and Sören Van Laer came up with the idea of creating surreal umbrellas. 

Aymeric Chaouche:

“We were so happy with the Limonium: it would be most suitable for such an installation. We wanted to create something with a lot of effects and with a lot of color. We wanted to bring cheerfulness and life to Brussels’ historic town hall.

Also the fact Limonium does not require too much water, was a blessing, because in historical buildings you are not really welcome with a lot of water. In our flower shop, we often use Limonium as a filler flower. It adds height and texture and contrasts nicely with other flowers. Because of the types of colors, the flower also suits many different types of styles.

For smaller events, we worked with (colored) Limonium on several occasions. It is a very rewarding product. So for the colorful umbrellas in honor of Magritte, Limonium seemed ideally suited to us. The product is really available in many colors (real and colored varieties). One branch of Limonium immediately looks like a cloud full of tiny flowers. Limonium also combines very well with other flowers. We added some Vanda orchids, a successful combination.”


Limonium Umbrellas for Visitors to Enjoy by Atelier Sören Van Laer

Sören Van Laer adds,

“With Limonium, you immediately have volume. It is also a very easy product to work with. It is a strong product and you can process it both wet and dry. So you get time to make your creation. The product also dries beautifully and retains its color. So your creation stays beautiful for a long time! Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. Limonium offers a perfect answer to this challenge.”


Limonium from Black Tulip Group for a Project in myThursd

Sören and Aymeric were so inspired by working with Limonium in Brussels city hall that they decided to create a welcoming Limonium tunnel for their next big event (open-door days at their wholesaler Agora). They also made several floating creations with Limonium to decorate the reception area.

“We are very enthusiastic about the product. We can only recommend it. It offers incredible possibilities,” confirms Aymeric.

By the way, did you know that Limonium symbolizes gratitude and appreciation? So it is also a fantastic choice to celebrate friendships and good relationships. 


Umbrellas With Limonium by Atelier Sören Van Laer


myThursd Project With Limonium from Black Tulip Group by Atelier Sören Van Laer


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