myThursd Is a Revolutionary Floriculture Software

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In a crowded marketplace, where everyone competes to be seen, appreciated, and valued for their contributions, many voices tend to dissipate. The floral supply chain is a relation-driven field, who do you know? how are your relations with every player within the chain? Though many underestimate the value of these relations, when done right and consistently you can effortlessly connect, collaborate, and thrive with your tribe.

For this reason, myThursd was made for you to become your favorite floral meet-up spot! Through these connections, collaboratively you can discover ways to add value to either your fellow creatives or to the advertisers within the platform. Here is a story of myThursd, one that embodies the love and passion for the industry and a commitment to make things better for you!

You Are the Voice, the Right Kind

There is no better person to tell the world about the floral narrative, and the value of fresh flowers and plants more than you! But if these stories are not shared strategically, with the help of a streamlined process and technology, often they disappear and make less impact than intended initially.


Connect, collaborate, and grow with myThursd


Through, collaborating with advertisers, whether for booth designs, floral arrangements, exquisite designs, or floral influencing. You are doing meaningful and impactful work for the industry. You are sharing the authentic narrative that flowers and plants are good for you! myThursd stands as a way or a means to tell those narratives, in harmony with the intent to create desirable awareness. This is made possible when you pull together, become one, identify with your struggles, and find a way to thrive within the platform.


Your favorite floral meet-up spot


You are the voice, whether as a florist, influencer, photographer, videographer, grower, breeder, or trader. You are obligated to amplify the tremendous benefits of flowers and plants by creating and together sharing amazing floral content. Joining myThursd is a resolve to do good for the industry, to brainstorm collaboratively, share ideas, connect, and eventually grow. Growth is possible, when you come together, with a shared vision, passion, and commitment to make it better always!

Do Anything, Become Incredible

With myThursd the possibilities are endless, you have the power to dictate what you need out of the platform. The most crucial part of kickstarting your journey, is to first ask yourself, what is it that I need to achieve out of the platform? What are your pain points? what’s missing and what kind of solutions do you need as soon as possible?


Join myThursd and grow tremendously 


From photography, event collaborations, visual content, booth build-up, designs, and rebranding; you can do anything and become incredible within myThursd. It is all about you, what you need, and how the platform can make it better for you! Do not hold back, go all the way, or shout if you must, but make it so clear this way you will get a tailored solution, one that is effective and reliable.

Welcome to the future of the floral ecosystem, it is such an honor to have you on board and to consistently strive to improve and make things better for you. Together, we are unstoppable, and our resolve and obsession to help you is unshakable. Let us know how can we be of help, we want you to be seen, appreciated, and valued in the marketplace.




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