My First Visit for Thursd Is Lenana Flowers!

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Nestled in the intriguing landscapes of Rumuruti, Nyahururu, Kenya, lies a budding paradise for flower enthusiasts – Lenana Flowers. With an invitation for Thursd to explore their newly launched summer flower farm, I choose this farm to be my first visit for Thursd. I am hoping to do many, many more.
As I stepped onto the grounds of Lenana Flowers, I was greeted by rows upon rows of Chrysanthemums, proudly standing tall and elegant. These colorful flowers, sourced from the renowned breeder Dummen Orange, showcase a spectrum of colors, from the softest pastels to the most vibrant.

Cultivating Beauty with Passion

From seed to stem, from farm to vase, every flower at Lenana Flowers is nurtured with dedication and passion. I witnessed firsthand the rooting, care, and attention given to ensuring the optimal growth and quality of each Chrysanthemum.


Jeroen Marrewijk, Director of Lenana Flowers explains about Chrysanthemum varieties grown on his farm


The team at Lenana Flowers radiated enthusiasm as they shared their ways of establishing the farm and their vision for the future. While currently focusing on Chrysanthemums, sourced from breeder Dummen Orange, they eagerly anticipate expanding their portfolio with an array of other captivating summer flower varieties.


Lenana Flowers
Impeccable quality of Chrysanthemums from Lenana Flowers


Their dedication to make great flowers was evident in every aspect of their operation, from rooting of their cuttings, transplanting, nurturing, and harvesting to packaging. Being a new farm, Lenana Flowers’s commitment to quality and professionalism is already proof that they will be a force to reckon with and a new grower to watch.

A Colorful Future Awaits

While they are yet to make their mark in the export markets, the team is poised and prepared to take this next step. With plans underway to commence exports in the coming months, Lenana Flowers is primed to showcase the beauty of Kenyan flowers on a global scale.


Lenana Flowers
That’s me, Thursd’s newest floral influencer, at Lenana Flowers


Despite being in the early stages of their export journey, Lenana Flowers exudes confidence and readiness. Their consistent production and commitment to quality position them as important new contenders in the competitive floral industry. I left the farm inspired by their passion and driven by the belief that Lenana Flowers is destined for greatness. As the farm prepares to enter into the global market, I do not doubt that its commitment to excellence and passion will ensure a success story for years to come.

Meet Lenana Flowers at the IFTEX 2024

Exhibiting for the first time, Lenana Flowers is looking forward to meeting and interacting with you during the IFTEX 2024, at their booth H1.23.


Jeroen Marrewijk from Lenana Flowers
Colorful Chrysanthemums from Lenana Flowers


Be sure to visit them to review some of the Chrysanthemums varieties they are cultivating, I am sure you will be amazed by the professionalism and quality they have to offer.


Pictures by @Rosemary Kimunya.

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