Multisensory experiences to be expected at the 2024 Chengdu World Horticultural Exposition

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The 2024 Chengdu World Horticultural Exposition will be centered around the theme of “Park City, Better Living”, aiming to create a world floral and horticultural event with international standards, Chinese elements, and Chengdu characteristics. The event will be held in the central area of the Jiangxi River Ecological Corridor in the core zone of Chengdu’s East District New Area. The Expo will officially open on April 26, 2024, and run until October 28, 2024.

Ball Horticultural Company also participates in this World Expo, with its garden located in the southwest of the Living Garden Exhibition Area, covering an area of 600 square meters. The design concept of the garden is “Vision, Taste, Smell, and Touch”, a four-dimensional sensory garden, aiming to integrate nature, culture, and life through multisensory experiences. The design uses techniques such as a suspended garden spanning the entire garden and a rotating flower rack to create a four-dimensional sensory experience.

The entrance features a 4-dimensional sensory sky garden, which is a colorful flower roller coaster. The high-altitude perspective shows the flowers from different angles. Ball combined the planting of plants to create a collision of colors. In particular, they selected the seed propagation of Petchoa ‘Caliburst Yellow’ from PanAmerican Seed, Petunia ‘Easy Wave Sky Blue’ and Petunia ‘Easy Wave Pink’.

In another corner of the garden, there is a rotating flower display. The Ball team says: “The rotating flower display seems to bring the flowers into a dancing rhythm, bringing you visual pleasure and surprise. The rotating flower stand in the air and the plant party on the ground complement each other, giving viewers a constantly changing wonderful feeling, as if they were immersed in a dazzling sea of flowers, leaving them refreshed. We have specially highlighted the Petunia Wave Family from PanAmerican Seed, a series of varieties with nearly 30 years of sales history and over 25 years of continuous innovation, presenting visitors with a stunning performance.”

Then to the right is the Ball vegetable garden, the team says: “Walking into this green garden, you will be surrounded by a vibrant scene. Every vegetable is growing vigorously, showing rich colors and vitality. Tomatoes are hanging on the branches, bright red and delicious. Peppers are swaying, and cucumbers are spreading vines with a fresh smell. You can experience the fun of picking, feel the joy of farming, and taste the deliciousness of these fresh vegetables. This small vegetable garden is not only a display of Ball Horticultural Company’s gardening products, but also a call to and an interpretation of healthy life. It allows you to feel the freshness and idyllic comfort of the countryside in the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can among others find the Cherry Tomato ‘Sugar Rush’, Eggplant ‘Patio Baby’ from the HandPikced Brand.”

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Ball Horticultural Company’s joint venture company in Chengdu – Chengdu Ball Huimei Seedling Co., Ltd. To celebrate this anniversary, Ball built a huge ‘Flower Cake Tower’ in the park. “The cake tower is decorated with Impatiens ‘Pearl Island Mixture’ resistant to Impatiens Downy Mildew, symbolizing the unwavering confidence in serving Chinese customers and developing the Chinese market, and expressing a beautiful vision for the next ten years of good development.”

In April 2014, Todd Billings from Ball Horticultural Company and Tao Zeng, president from Chengdu Ball Huimei Seedling Co., Ltd. celebrated the establishment of Ball Huimei

In addition, ‘Ball City Trial’ is a new brand launched by Ball Horticultural Company in China in 2024. This brand aims to provide urban landscape professionals with data, new media image resources, and a new urban sample by introducing Ball’s flower varieties, combined with new design, new concepts, and new needs in urban landscape.

This small garden not only features Petunia ‘ColorRush’ from Ball FloraPlant, but also various products from DarwinPerennials, such as Salvia ‘Rose Marvel’.

Petunia ColorRush Pink&Pink Vein

Salvia Rose Marvel

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