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Veiling Rhein-Maas had a satisfactory Mother’s Day week (Mother’s Day in Germany always falls on the second Sunday in May) overall across all sales channels in 2024. Despite the public holiday, this week is likely to be the strongest sales week of the year. It is particularly pleasing that the sales level of Veiling Rhein-Maas’ previous record week, which was for Mother’s Day in 2023, was exceeded once again. The importance of Mother’s Day business remains high for all sales channels. There was a high level of customer participation in the auction on-site, in clock pre-sales, and in remote buying. The Clock Service saw record sales over Mother’s Day week which were significantly higher than last year.

Mother’s Day week went just as well as last year, both in terms of logistics and sales in the entire marketing area. Cut flowers and potted plants were available in large quantities and customers praised the extensive and beautiful range of products on offer. Imported products were also available in sufficient quantities without restrictions. The days with the highest sales during this week were Wednesday, Monday, and Tuesday. Prices for both cut flowers and potted plants were similar to those during Mother’s Day week in 2023. The development in prices was typical for a Mother’s Day week at the auction. At the end of the week, on Thursday and Friday, a stable or rising price structure was seen for cut flowers while prices for outdoor products such as bedding plants fell slightly. With Clock Service, demand for indoor plants and cut flowers was also higher than last year, although prices for cut flowers were slightly lower. The trend seen in recent years continued in the other sales channels. Veiling Rhein-Maas continues to see a high level of customer participation in remote buying, a further increase in participation in clock pre-sales, and the Webshop also continues to develop positively, with more and more customers using this purchasing channel.

Veiling Rhein Maas’ entire range of cut flowers and potted plants sold well in direct sales both through Clock Service and at the auction clocks. In terms of potted plants, demand was particularly high for indoor plants, orchids, and high-quality bowls and arrangements. In the outdoor segment, there was high demand for patio plants, roses, and hydrangeas. On the other hand, demand for nursery products was somewhat lower. In the cut flower segment, roses, peonies, lisianthus, gerberas, and bouquets were particularly popular. The beautiful range of summer cut flowers was also in high demand.

At the auction, planted bowls and arrangements continued to be the biggest sellers in the potted plant segment. These convenience products have been in high demand at the clock for years and Mother’s Day week is particularly important for this product segment. Buying a beautiful arrangement in the form of a plant pot or bowl and being able to sell it on is easy and not very expensive. This shift towards convenience products at the auction clocks and Clock Service is also increasing for cut flowers.

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