Mosslab’s Desktop-Sized Humidifier Turns Dry Air Into Moisture-Rich Environments

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Although it may appear to be just another little planter or terrarium, it is much more than that. ‘Moss Air’, by Mosslab, is reminiscent of a forest breeze in the morning and adds a little bit of nature to any space, whether it be in the city or the tranquil countryside. Moss Air’s stylish design and classic white or black color blend in with any home or office, bringing a daily dose of vitality and freshness thanks to the real living moss inside.

Real-Life Moss That Purifies the Environment Surrounding You

Moss, of which there are more than 12,000 species worldwide, has long been valued for its extraordinary powers. The fundamental component of Mosslab is the plant, which functions as the planet’s green lung and is nature’s best air purifier. The company was founded in 2021, and since then, it has been motivated by a love of sustainability and a commitment to making the world a healthier, greener place.


Moss Air humidifier and purifier by Moss Lab


The functions of Moss Air, the desktop-sized humidifier and purifier that represents the company’s smallest but most functional product to date, also demonstrate that Mosslab has been at the forefront of developing moss-based products designed to enhance air quality, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.


Moss filled humidifier by Moss Lab


The dual function of Moss Air’s moss panel is to filter out fine dust particles and to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, making the living space healthier and more environmentally friendly. The moss is a necessary addition to any interior space because it not only raises humidity levels but also purifies the air. The mist creates pools in the moss chamber when the humidifying hole is covered, keeping the moss moist. The mist fills the immediate area and humidifies the entire room when the magnetic ball is removed. The device’s hole can be opened and closed by simply rolling the magnetic ball across the top, which serves as a mechanism for mode switching.



Moss Air’s Smell and Display Create an Ecosystem at Home

Moss Air is portable and has an 8-hour battery life, so it can be used in the office, bedroom, or kitchen. Its compact size and smooth exterior make it a basic or understated piece for any interior, and its endearing appearance is sure to draw guests in. In ‘Terranium Mode’, the moss panel is periodically misted, resulting in the creation of a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires little maintenance. When the device is set in ‘Humidifier Mode’, it releases purified mist into the air to improve moisture levels. Along with the LED light feature that creates a calming visual effect, the smell of Moss Air is undoubtedly another important feature that transports anyone in its vicinity to a fresh forest and fosters a peaceful, Zen-like atmosphere at home or work.


Moss Air to be placed at home or in an office

Moss Air can be placed at home or in an office to purify the air


What happens if the moss dries to the point of no return? Since moss is a rootless plant, it only needs regular watering or misting to stay healthy. It can survive up to six months without any moisture at all and will resurrect when given water. The moss panel of Moss Air can be changed, and more filters can be bought. If this doesn’t happen, the plant dries out completely.


View of the moss purifier by Moss Lab


To make a change, one must press the two side tabs in until they click, then pop them out and press the new one in. Replacing the water tank is also quite simple; all that needs to be done is take out the old filter, put in the new one, and then slide the tube back into position.


Black air purifier by Moss Lab


Learn all the fun and intriguing details about this product directly on Moss Lab’s website.


Photos by Moss Lab.

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