Meilland Kenya Goes ‘Next Level’

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Meilland in Kenya is taking the next step in supporting growers to make the right choice easier and faster. The approach is more organized now, which offers visiting growers a clear overview of the availabilities, without having to walk around for miles to search for that particular gem. Meilland has already gone that extra mile for its growers! Here’s how.

The ‘Rolling Cycle’ of Meilland Kenya

Meilland introduces the ‘rolling cycle’ assortment; its flowers will be way more often visible to visiting growers than before when there used to be a ‘flush cycle’ every couple of weeks.

It is perhaps an unknown term, but you’ll get used to this quickly. To have a ‘rolling cycle’ means harvesting is done in a way that there will always be flowers of a certain variety visible. When on one side of the bed the roses are mature, they are sprouting already at the other end of the bed. It’s a seemingly endless loop that creates the ‘rolling cycle’.

So, in short: there is always plenty more to see at the Meilland subsidiary Penta Flowers in Thika, a town close to Nairobi in Kenya. A quarter century ago, this farm was the first customer of Meilland in Kenya and has since then always cultivated Meilland varieties for testing and selection.


Meilland’s Rose Eureka design by Pauline Arkesteijn


A Clear Route to Colors and Varieties

The next improvement is that there now is a clear division between main varieties and colors. If you are a grower interested in spray roses, you go linea recta to the sprays, without spending time passing the regular or garden roses first. This works far more to the point for everyone.

The same applies to your color selection, which is much more simplified than before. Did you know that many wholesalers and florists in the floral industry work more with colors rather than with varieties? It makes sense, right, to start creating floral arrangements with a color palette. Meilland understands this and has, therefore, arranged color blocks that make the overview much better and the choice between several colors a lot easier.

To make all this happen, 100% of the roses have been replanted. A mega task, but all are useful improvements to make your stay pleasant and efficient.


Spray Rose Gypsy Rose bouquet in vase by Lisa Casta
Meilland’s Spray Rose Gypsy Rose bouquet by Lisa Casta


Come & See the Next Level Meilland in Kenya

It’s almost time for IFTEX 2024, so a great opportunity to show your face at Meilland’s booth D3.12 from Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th of June.


Penta FLowers Kenya rose workers
Harvesting roses at Meilland’s testing & selecting facilities Penta Flowers in Thika, Kenya. Photo by The Flower Hub.


Before, during, and after the IFTEX Meilland Kenya invites you to come and see for yourself at Penta Flowers in Thika what ‘Next Level’ means. Its nursery is showing more novelties than ever, a real treat for any grower or floral adept.


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