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From New Hampshire to Virginia Beach to Charlotte, Modern Matter is a women-led company with employees sprinkled along the East Coast. How would you describe your company’s makeup, and how has it benefited your business?

From our beginnings in jewelry, Lee and I have strived to create artisan-quality products that enhance people’s everyday experiences. So, finding the right team to carry that mission was essential. And we are so fortunate to have found a dynamic group of women that foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Talk to us about the process between you and your designers. You seem to never shy away from a designer’s idea no matter how uncharted or challenging it might be to implement. You seem to have a let’s-do-it, can-do attitude that gives way for total creative expression. How has that way of operating worked for the company so far?

This is my favorite part of our business. We are always willing to try new things and value the ideas that are brought to us. Being open-minded and looking at hardware in a new way is what sets us apart as a company. Of course, we sell kitchen hardware, but we also sell handles with snakes and mother of pearl.

What won’t you do?

There is nothing we won’t do. But we are constantly studying industry trends to see what needs to be added and what needs our fun spin. We continuously endeavor to create new designs in silhouettes and materials that will transform a category.

There’s no question Modern Matter is innovative and ahead of the curve. How do you plan to remain that way? How will you continue to set yourself apart?

We will continue to explore new materials and maintain the highest luxury quality of our products. In the next year, we plan to expand into new categories like bath and door hardware.

What do you love most about this work? What are you most proud of?

I am so proud of everything we have learned over the past few years. We have really grown in all aspects of our business. Our team is incredible, and our innovation and creativity is unparalleled. We do not lack ideas!

It can’t all be fun and games. What are some of the challenges you face and how are you able to navigate through them?

We constantly challenge ourselves to create innovative designs and use new materials. Our latest collaboration, launching this spring with California-based design firm Pure Salt, will introduce many new materials, such as hand-stitched leather, woven rattan, and acacia and steam beach wood. Sourcing can be difficult, but we don’t take “that can’t be done”; we are always breaking the status quo to create innovation.

Tell us about your involvement with FLOWER’s Baton Rouge showhouse. What were some of the highlights and takeaways?

We are thrilled to be part of this exceptional project and feel privileged that our hardware is showcased in numerous stunning rooms. Seeing our hardware so gracefully integrated into extraordinary spaces like the ones featured in the Baton Rouge Showhouse is one of our favorite parts of being in this industry. We are inspired daily by how designers utilize our hardware to enhance and transform interiors. We love how Arianne Bellizaire used our Venezia Collection by Michelle Nussbaumer to create a jewelry box dressing room. It perfectly translates the glamour and refinement of these pieces.

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you love to see Modern Matter housed? It could be a historic landmark or an iconic hotel. In your dreams, where do you envision your hardware? 

I am blown away by the interiors that incorporate our hardware. The creativity in the homes is beyond my wildest dreams! We have a collaborator, Mark D. Sikes, who has worked on the White House. That’s huge to think our hardware could be in the White House!

What’s your favorite flower?

Dahlia. Because they have so many different petal shapes, flower forms, and captivating colors.

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