Marketing strategies for amazing Easter sales

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As spring approaches, the air fills with the scent of blooming flowers and the promise of Easter celebrations. Even though Easter isn’t as popular for floral sales as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, it can still be a fantastic opportunity to grow your business.

The global Easter market reached $110.2 billion in 2022, and nearly 70% of US consumers plan to celebrate Easter in 2024. That makes this holiday full of potential if you’re ready to hop into action with some creative marketing! Here are eight proven ideas to help you:

1. Set Up an Easter Themed Post-Purchase Flow
Your customer’s journey doesn’t have to end when they buy something. Add a one-click upsell immediately after purchase, offering a discount on a second item. This could be an additional bouquet or an Easter-themed add-on to the arrangement they just purchased, like a stuffed bunny. You can also customize the thank-you page with a limited-time discount offer for another arrangement, which is good only for the coming week or month.

2. Set Up Easter Cart Abandonment Automation
Now that you’ve set up your post-purchase flow, don’t forget about those who came to your site but didn’t press “buy.” Customizing your cart abandonment emails with Easter-themed copy can re-engage customers and turn a potential lost sale into revenue. If you haven’t yet set up these automated emails, Easter is a perfect time to start, as it will set you up for even bigger Mother’s Day sales.

3. Design an Eye-Catching Easter Email Campaign
Use vibrant spring visuals and catchy subject lines in your Easter emails and personalize the content to capture attention. Send exclusive discounts and early-access codes to those on your email list; this will make them feel special and increase your sales. Make sure to add urgency to your emails so they know to act fast and take advantage of your Easter specials.

4. Set up an Easter SMS Campaign
SMS campaigns are a great way to engage customers, particularly when you set up flash sale alerts. Make these Easter-themed messages short, fun, and engaging with specific promotions that you’re only offering by SMS. Set up a popup on your website so visitors can sign up for these text alerts to immediately get the flash sale info.

5. Offer Gifting Bundles
Easter may not match the gift-giving scale of Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but many people do want to buy presents. Capitalize on this by creating themed gift bundles and Easter gift guides to help customers find the perfect items. Plus, bundling will increase your average order value.

6. Create a Competition
Competitions can create a buzz and get you a lot of engagement on social media. Think of fun ideas, like decorating Easter eggs with a floral theme or holding a photo contest for the best floral-themed Easter outfit. Promote the contest on all your social media channels and offer a prize of a free Easter arrangement for the person who gets the most likes for their floral-themed Easter design.

7. Have an Easter Egg Hunt on Your Website
Hide virtual eggs across your website, offering rewards such as discounts, free delivery, or add-ons. This can create a fun, interactive shopping experience. Include a limited-time promo code on each egg that customers can use immediately for their purchase. Don’t forget to promote the hunt across all your social media platforms to maximize participation and sales.

8. Partner with an Influencer for a Giveaway
Partner with a local influencer like a floral designer or event planner for an Easter-themed giveaway. Encourage your followers to share their favorite Easter traditions for a chance to win a unique design or a free consultation for an upcoming event. This increases engagement and improves brand visibility for both you and the influencer.

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