Marketing plants for outdoor 2024 decorators

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Among some consumers, ‘gardening’ can be a dirty word. In 2016, the 10% Project conducted focus groups with young gardeners (<50 years old) to assess ways to increase consumer interest in plants. They showed that many people felt that “gardening” is a time-consuming and pricey pastime. In an article from 2016 from Professor Emeritus Dr. Bridget Behe, “For most, gardening is seen as a chore, and many assume that those who like doing it have the luxury of time, space and income.”

However, during the 2020 pandemic, many people (old and young) turned to their gardens and landscapes as safe, enjoyable pastimes resulting in an increase of 16-18 million new gardeners. But smaller landscapes and areas for gardening have resulted in small patio gardens and mixed containers in soilless media is popular limited space versions of gardening. A notable consumer culture component is that instant gratification is important for many consumers that are used to Door Dash, mobile banking, and other convenient, fast services. The ornamental horticulture industry recognized this movement, and, in recent years, there has been a trend towards pre-assembled mixed containers and fully grown hanging baskets – not just flats of flowers.


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