Marjoland Showcases at the Keukenhof Rose Show

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What if you can get a spot at the biggest rose podium in the world and you can put three vases there with three of your outstanding roses? Grower Marjoland surely knows how to grab this opportunity at the Keukenhof Rose Show, attended daily by 27,000 visitors. They let three of their outstanding varieties take the stage: the novelties Rose Bellini! and Nayeli!, and their top-selling Rose Red Naomi!

Marjolands very own Leonie Plasman explains about these varieties and why the Keukenhof Rose Show is their perfect showcase.

Keukenhof Rose Show

The whole (floriculture) world knows about Keukenhof, the immense park that opens eight weeks a year for flower adepts to catch the abundance of spring. In the park, it’s very much about bulbous flowers, like tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, fritillaria, and such. However, in this same area are several pavilions that host weekly shows of other flower and plant groups as well, like the orchid show and — from 4 to 9 April 2024 — a massive Rose Show. 330 vases from 54 national and international growers and breeders present a stunning picture of what’s available in one-headed and spray roses these days. Including Holland’s biggest rose grower Marjoland.



Leonie Marjoland Rose Nayeli at Keukenhof Rose show
Leonie Plasman, Commercial Manager from Marjoland


Marjoland at Keukenhof

Has it been 10 years already, maybe longer? Leonie Plasman, the Commercial Manager from Marjoland, is not sure. “It has been as long as I remember that we participate in the Rose Show at Keukenhof,” she says. It does not really matter, just remember that when roses get a chance to shine, Marjoland will be there.

Leonie is both happy and proud of her company being represented at Keukenhof:

“In general, Keukenhof shows the cheerfulness of flowers. I think that’s really fantastic. Nothing beats seeing real blooming flowers physically. This Rose Show is a wonderful stage for professional visitors. We know that many wholesalers visit this show, so it’s a great networking opportunity.

Besides all this, we are simply very proud to stand here amid all the beauty that roses radiate with several of our varieties.”


Marjoland Keukenhof Rose Red Naomi
Marjoland’s Rose Red Naomi! at Keukenhof Rose Show


Three Roses in the Spotlight

This edition, three vases with three truly gorgeous roses are on display from Marjoland. On one hand, the choice must have been quite difficult, since this grower has expanded its assortment rapidly in recent years to a total of ten varieties in all available rose colors today. So much to choose from! This year the selection comprises two of their novelties and their biggest variety, all-time favorite Red Naomi!

Rose Red Naomi!

Marjoland is the biggest Rose grower in the Netherlands, with over 13 hectares of production. This sturdy signature rose from Marjoland with her velvet-like dark red petals hardly needs an introduction with industry pros. When consumers ask florists for the best red rose, big chance they will first think of Red Naomi!


Marjoland Keukenhof Suzanne and Leonie
Rose Red Naomi! from Marjoland with Leonie Plasman (right) and her colleague Suzanne Koenekoop


Rose Bellini!

Bellini! is an exclusive large-blooming rose with peach and orange tones. Just hold your nose close and you’ll smell her delightfully delicate fragrance. This is a perfectly romantic rose for the upcoming wedding season that will not go unnoticed by floral event designers.


Marjoland Rose Bellini at Keukenhof Rose show
Rose Bellini!


Leonie Marjoland Rose Bellini at Keukenhof Rose show
Leonie Plasman with Rose Bellini! at Keukenhof Rose Show


Rose Nayeli!

Like the previous two roses also Rose Nayeli! arises from the magic box of breeder Schreurs. Therefore, like all of their varieties, the exclamation mark is added to this rose’s name, just like Rose Red Naomi!

Nayeli! is a large-flowering lilac rose with pastel hues that give her a soft expression. Did you know that this variety’s name has a special meaning? In the language of the Zapotec (an ancient indigenous Mesoamerican civilization), the word “nayeli” means “I love you.”


Marjoland Keukenhof Rose Nayeli bunch
Marjoland’s Rose Nayeli!


Aiming at the Florist

It is remarkable to learn that grower Marjoland when asked, considers the florist as their target group. You would expect to hear that a grower simply follows the floriculture chain and aims at the next station — for a grower this would be the trader or the auction clock. However, Leonie explains the more holistic look of the chain, where everything is connected:


“Of course, we directly supply the exporters/wholesalers and do not directly deliver flowers to the florist. However, our promotional efforts are very much targeted at the European florists, because these are the ones who actually use our products to create for the end consumer. We hope to ensure that florists recognize our varieties and qualities and create demand with their wholesale suppliers.

Naturally, also the wholesalers play a part as ambassadors of our products, so we stick closely to them as well. This way, we create a win-win-win for ourselves, the wholesaler, and the florist.”

Ready for the Future

Although the number of rose growers has fallen sharply in recent years and the area of Dutch roses is therefore decreasing, Marjoland is a bright spot. It is still possible to grow Dutch top roses. Marjoland is a bright example of how making the right choices on innovation and assortment can secure a sustainable future.


“We are very busy with all kinds of improvements on assortment, quality, and sustainability. We are about to introduce already our tenth variety, we constantly work on getting better quality of product and production, and we have been investing in LED lighting. Yes, we are ready for the future.”


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