Marginpar’s Asters Shine Bright in a Stunning Wedding Floral Design

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Summer flower specialist grower Marginpar has long been known for its impressive selection of flowers, including really impressive Asters. This was showcased at a wedding that highlighted these flowers’ never-ending possibilities. In the wedding’s design, from lush table centerpieces to delicate bridal accessories, Asters took center stage, proving their versatility as a must-have floral element for just about any wedding celebration. 

When it comes to floral wedding design, the possibilities are often infinite. Yet, Asters, which come in many shapes and sizes with colors ranging from pastel pink to bright purple, proved that they are a perfect flower for weddings, be it a spring or summer celebration. To say the least, this wedding had it all, from impactful outdoor arrangements to the smallest detail, with the fabulous Asters playing the starring role.

A Showcase of Floral Beauty

Led by the talented Klaus Wagener, the designers from BLOOM’s drew their inspiration from the diverse color palettes and unique forms of Marginpar’s Aster varieties that come in such a wide range of hues; from soft pastels to bold, saturated tones.


Asters prominently feature in a wedding design


They took into account the idea that these flowers — which were supplied by FleuraMetz — when combined with numerous other blooms, can create wedding floral designs and arrangements that are truly amazing and customized to the wedding couple’s vision and aesthetics.


“When it comes to floral wedding design, the possibilities are endless. You can set the atmosphere with table decorations, a wedding arch, and of course the wedding bouquet itself. But there’s more! Have you ever considered floral jewelry for the bride or bridesmaids?

This wedding [shoot] had it all, from impactful outdoor arrangements, down to the smallest detail. Asters play the lead role, showing just how versatile these summer flowers really are.”


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s
A ‘floating’ floral arrangement.


So, the wedding featured in the latest wedding edition of BLOOM’s View, essentially, had the Asters taking center stage, shining the spotlight upon these exquisite flowers’ versatility and their equally charming beauty. Here’s how the flowers were used.

Unique Table and Chair Decorations

A key feature of the wedding’s decor was the magnificent table centerpiece, which resembled a lush flower cloud featuring a combination of Asters, Callistephus, Campanula, Scabiosa, and Chasmanthium. The base of the design consisted of a watered-fresh flower foam bowl on a high metal stand, which created the illusion of a floating cloud. The flowers used created a truly spectacular focal point, amplifying the illusion of a floating arrangement.


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s
Table and chair decorations prominently feature Asters.


The chair backs were also adorned with fresh flower foam wreaths, connected by cable ties and attached with self-adhesive strips. This added a touch of chic and cohesion to the overall tablescape. To complete the look, glass bell jars containing single Aster stems were placed on each plate, welcoming guests to the table.

Bridal Jewelry and Bouquets

Marginpar’s Asters were, also, showcased in a variety of other wedding elements, including a delicate floral bracelet featuring Aster Dark Milka, Aster Flash, Aster Teeny Tiny Pink, Aster Teeny Tiny Blue, and Limonium Anouchka Diamond. This complemented the bridal bouquet. 


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s


The bouquet itself was tied with a linen fabric ribbon, allowing the romantic flow to cascade down the wedding dress. This enriched the wedding’s overall romantic feel.

The Wedding’s Outdoor Flower Arrangements

In weddings, large outdoor arrangements serve as both picturesque decorative elements and photo shoot backdrops. And in this context, the outdoor arrangements were equally stunning, with Aster varieties featuring prominently. 

Other flowers, such as Callistephus Buttons White and Pink, Clematis Amazing® London, and Campanula Champion Pink, were used in combination with greenery to create rich, yet natural-looking arrangements.


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s


Both the flower arrangements and the flower pillar in the outdoor floral designs were based on the same technique and featured wooden boards as well. The wooden boards had holes to enable the securing of the floral elements using cable ties. This further enhanced the natural, yet impactful display.

Floral Decoration of the Cake and Flower Dome

Even the wedding cake did not escape the Aster treatment, as a wreath of fresh flowers, including Asters, Chasmanthium Latifolium Mantis, and Scabiosa Bon Bon Scoop™ French Vanilla, adorned it. This, definitely, added a touch of elegance to the celebratory dessert. 


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s


After all, cake cutting is often an important part of the wedding day’s celebrations, the more reason why a wedding cake has to be made even more special. This is achieved by decorating it with a wreath of fresh flowers.

Moreover, a stunning floral dome, created with a large glass bell featuring Aspidistra leaves and Asters, was used to decorate the drinks table. In this case, the base of the arrangement was hidden from view by placing the Aspidistra around it. The leaves were secured with pins.


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s
Flower-filled floral dome


Featured Flowers in the Wedding Design

Marginpar’s influence in this wedding was extensive and featured a host of its other flowers, providing a fitting accompaniment to the Aster – the start of the design – in a cohesive and visually spectacular wedding design.

Featured were Aster Flash, Aster Dark Milka, Aster Double Date Pink, Aster Double Date Carmine, Aster Teeny Tiny Pink, and Aster Teeny Tiny Blue. These were used alongside the Callistephus Buttons series, which included Callistephus Buttons Blue, Callistephus Buttons White, and Callistephus Buttons Pink.


Marginpar’s Asters, Supplied by Fleurametz Are the Stars in This Wedding Design by BLOOM’s


Other flowers used were Clematis Amazing® London, Scabiosa Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink, Scabiosa Bon Bon Scoop™ French Vanilla, Eryngium Orion Questar®, Campanula Champion Pink, Limonium Anouchka Diamond, Phlox Icecap, Chasmanthium latifolium ’Mantis‘ and Panicum Heavy Metal.


Design and photography by BLOOM’s View, flowers from Marginpar supplied by FleuraMetz.


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