Love for Lilies at Keukenhof

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Keukenhof has closed its doors for this year. But it went out with a bang! The final show of the most beautiful spring garden in the world showed lilies in all their beauty. Lily Promotion platform Love for Lilies built an entire showcase dedicated to the best Dutch lilium varieties, all under one roof in the Willem-Alexander Pavilion. Here’s a report.

Love for Lilies

70 passionate Dutch lily growers have but one goal: to let the world fall in love with these wonderful flowers. To know lilies is to love lilies, so that’s where the journey starts: showing their beauty.


Keukenhof’s Lily Show at the Willem-Alexander-Pavilion


The beauty of lilies comes in many ways. It’s the wide assortment of varieties — from Asiatic and Orientals to Longiflorums and Roselilies — with their distinct shapes and sizes, wide range of colors, and unique fragrances. All that makes lilies a product group of super versatile flowers fit for practically every style and occasion.

Modesty is not in Lily’s vocabulary. They come in serene shades of white and pink, but also in striking colors such as fiery red, radiant yellow, enchanting purple, and vibrant orange. There are varieties with bold stripes, elegant edges, or mysterious spots. The flowers, which are shaped like trumpets or pitchers, can have an impressive diameter ranging from 7 to as much as 25 centimeters.


Keukenhof Lily Show salmon lilies
Love for Lilies at Keukenhof


The Best of Dutch Liliums at Keukenhof Lily Show

It was truly a sight to behold; 75 vases with blooms that could brighten even the gloomiest of days and fill the air with their irresistible fragrance. Six top growers were on display during the Keukenhof Lily Show: Double Check Lily, Bredefleur, Dutch Lily Masters, Qualily, Gentily, and Onings Holland. They graced the show with their finest selection, bringing their unique touch, and showcasing a range of lilies that were as diverse as they were beautiful.


Keukenhof Lily Show white lilies
Big white lilies at the Keukenhof Lily Show


Keukenhof Lily Show yellow lilies
An enchanting atmosphere at the Love for Lilies Show


Why Lilies Make People Happy

There’s something undeniably joyful about lilies. Perhaps it’s their striking beauty or their symbolic meanings of purity, passion, and renewal. Maybe it’s the way they can brighten up any space with their presence. Whatever the reason, lilies have a way of making people happy. At Keukenhof, this happiness was palpable. People of all ages marveled at the intricate patterns and stunning colors, taking photos and sharing moments of awe.

Walking through the Love for Lilies Show was more than just a visual treat — it was a feast for the senses. The fragrance of the lilies was enchanting, a sweet and heady perfume that seemed to follow you wherever you went. Visitors couldn’t help but smile as they wandered through the exhibits, their faces lighting up with delight at each new discovery.


Keukenhof Lady smelling pink lilies
Hmmm… What a lovely fragrance!


A Celebration of Beauty

The Love for Lilies Show at Keukenhof was more than just an exhibition — it was a celebration of the beauty and joy that lilies bring into our lives. It highlighted the skill and dedication of the growers who cultivate these stunning flowers, and it reminded us all of the simple pleasures that come from stopping to admire a bloom.

For florists, garden enthusiasts, and anyone with a love for flowers, the show was a reminder of why we do what we do: to bring a little more beauty and happiness into the world, one lily at a time.


Keukenhof Lily Viva la Vida
Lily Viva la Vida


Keukenhof Lily Show pink lilies
Double (Roselily) and single pink oriental lilies


So, if you missed this year’s Love for Lilies Show, don’t fret. Keukenhof is sure to continue its tradition of celebrating flowers in all their glory. And who knows? Next year’s lily showcase might just be even more spectacular. Until then, keep spreading the love for lilies and enjoying their stunning presence in your life.


Note: all varieties of the Love for Lilies growers are year-round available. Check the Love for Lilies website for availability and updates.

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