Lilygrass Is the Ideal Ornamental Green for Your Floral Creations

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Lilygrass is a luxuriant, grass-like greenery that is quickly becoming a floral industry favorite, valued for its unique qualities including an ability to naturally complement a wide-ranging variety of flowers in bouquets and other floral compositions.

As a premier importer and exporter of quality cut and decorative greenery, Adomex recognizes ornamental greens’ exceptional beauty and versatility in floral creations. Its vast assortment of exclusive greenery includes Lilygrass. Although native to East Asia, Lilygrass is now cultivated in different parts of the world, including Costa Rica.

Liygrass for Any Floral Arrangement

Lilygrass enhances the general aesthetics of these arrangements and floral creations. The leaves of two varieties are available with the OrcaGreen label all year round: the classic bright green Lilygrass (botanical: Liriope muscari) and the eye-catching variegated one, known as Liriope muscari variegata, with its striking green and white striped leaves. 


How appropriate: Calla lilies and Lilygrass in one design by @jeanpascalflorist


Adomex OrcaGreen’s Lilygrass Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Floral Designs
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Even so, regardless of the different varieties, Lilygrass foliage remains a delight to include in any floral arrangement. It offers a calming, natural presence that beautifully balances other more dramatic flowers. Basically, its lush leaves, and graceful arching habit – plus its long-lasting nature – make it a perfect choice for adding texture, volume, and a feel of natural elegance to floral creations.


Adomex Orca​Green’s Lilygrass Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Floral Designs
Pale pink tulips decorated with Lilygrass and aspidistra leaf in a vase by Lilygrass flowers and decor


Blending Well With All Other Kinds of Flowers and Greenery

Lilygrass is frequently used in floral creations thanks to its calm appearance, which guarantees that it combines very well with all kinds of flowers and other greenery. Its compatibility with different flowers and foliage is largely due to its understated appearance which allows it to impeccably blend with a wide variety of floral styles and color palettes. 


Adomex OrcaGreen’s Lilygrass Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Floral Designs
Lilygrass in a minimalist floral arrangement with Anthurium by @zaimanaoko


A key advantage of Lilygrass is its versatility. One can, for instance, pair it with bright-colored roses, delicate lilies, or bold tropical flowers, where it will still bring out a sense of calmness and natural exquisiteness. Its sleek, glossy leaves, thus, capably enhance contemporary bouquets or trendy floral designs, as well as modern and minimalist arrangements or lush and romantic ones.

Notably, whether one uses it as a focal point or a subtle accent, this ornamental grass seamlessly complements a wide range of floral styles, adding an air of movement and fluidity to designs.


Jasmine and Lilygrass variegata and bouquet
Bridal Bouquet with Lilygrass Variegataanfd Jasmine by @tulipflowerdubai


Adomex OrcaGreen’s Lilygrass Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Floral Designs
Lush bouquet with Clematis, Campanula, and green Lilygrass by @tiana_flowers


Integrating Lilygrass into floral designs can be done in various ways to achieve different effects. Its long, flowing leaves can, for instance, be used to create cascading arrangements, add height and volume to bouquets, or provide a setting for other floral elements. Plus, the grass-like stems are easy to bend, making them an ideal green to use.

The leaves can also be cut to different sizes to produce a sense of depth and dimension within the design. Incorporating them in different lengths is, also, a quick way to add a playful element to the designs. These are just a few ideas to achieve a perfect Lilygrass effect in floral arrangements


Adomex OrcaGreen’s Lilygrass Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Floral Designs
Arrangement with Passionflowers, Orchids and Lilygrass by @lauraleongflorist


A Durable and Reliable Option for Floral Designs and Arrangements

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, Lilygrass is also popular for its longevity. With proper care and handling, the ornamental grass’ leaves can maintain a fresh look for extended periods. This quality makes them a reliable option for both short-term and durable floral designs.

Its long-lasting nature, coupled with the year-round availability from Adomex’s OrcaGreen brand, presents a definite opportunity for floral professionals to reliably have this ornamental grass in their designs.


Adomex OrcaGreen’s Lilygrass Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Floral Designs
Lilygrass brings calm to this floral design with Curcuma and Jasmine flowers by @rogerbeckflorist


Adomex’s network of select growers and suppliers of the ornamental grass (which often carries spikes of tiny purple flowers in summer and autumn as it grows), guarantees a consistent supply of quality Lilygrass. Thus, anyone can access this unique decorative green whenever.


Feature image by @tiana_flowers and header image by rogerbeckflorist.


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