Let Your Personality Bloom With the Second Edition of Rosaprima Spray Roses

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Rosaprima welcomes you to their second edition of the ‘Let Your Personality Bloom’ campaign in which they are thrilled to present the latest additions to their spray rose collection. This campaign looks into the unique and different personalities of each spray rose color, inviting you to explore the different traits embodied in florists’ personalities and styles. Join them as they celebrate individuality and diversity together.

Let Your Personality Bloom With Rosaprima

‘Let Your Personality Bloom’ is more than just a campaign; it’s a celebration of the characteristics that make each of us remarkable. By assigning distinct personalities to spray roses based on their color, the Ecuadorian brand aims to forge a deeper connection within yourself. Each color shade represents a set of traits, allowing each person to find the spray rose that mirrors their personality best. Join the world and the language of flowers while discovering the perfect match that speaks to who you are. What color and spray rose will be your perfect match? Keep reading to find out!

Diversity of Colors in Spray Roses to Match Your Personality

To kick off this matching experience, the white and cream spray roses, including Rose Champagne Majolika, Rose Snowflake, and Rose Mykonos, reflect an adaptable and peaceful personality. These roses express sincerity and a refined style, personifying a cosmopolitan perspective that easily adapts to new trends. If you see yourself as someone who embodies these traits, these roses are your perfect match.


Spray Rose Mykonos


On the other hand, if you’re more of a bolder personality, the hot pink variety will be the one for you. Rose Milky Way is ideal for strong, risky, daring, and innovative people. This color represents individuals who create trends and are unafraid to communicate their work and thoughts to the world. If you are a groundbreaker, these hot pink roses will resonate with you.


Rose Milky Way

Spray Rose Milky Way


Peach spray roses, like Rose Morning Star, are perfect for affectionate, friendly, and approachable personalities. They represent warmth and a welcoming spirit, making them great for those who value close connections and genuine interactions.


Rose Morning Star

Spray Rose Morning Star


When it comes to their orange varieties, Rose Saona and Rose Fibonacci Aureus, mirror social, fun, and outgoing characteristics. These spray roses are for active, independent individuals who love sharing their best moments with their loved ones. If you thrive on social interactions and cherish independence, these roses were made for you.


Orange Rose Saona

Spray Rose Saona


Continuing on the bright side, yellow spray roses, such as Rose Golden Blossom, Rose Brilliant Stars Leo, and Rose New Moon, are a match for optimistic and charismatic personalities. They will recharge you with good energy and positive vibes, perfect for those who spread sunshine wherever they go.


Rose Brilliant Stars Leo

Spray Rose Brilliant Stars Leo


Lavender spray roses like Brilliant Stars Sagita are ideal for a classy and sophisticated style. These roses reflect a distinguished yet reserved and mysterious personality, surprising others with your depth once they get to know you.


Rose Brilliant Stars Sagita

Spray Rose Brilliant Stars Sagita


Their pink varieties, including Rose Suspiro, Rose Bellalinda Sweety, Rose Be True, and Rose Be Nice, reflect innocence, sophistication, and contemporaneity. These roses transmit warmth, tenderness, and stillness, perfect for those who embody these gentle and refined traits.


Rose Bellalinda Sweety

Spray Rose Bellalinda Sweety


Rose Suspiro

Spray Rose Suspiro


Rose Be Nice

Spray Rose Be Nice


Coral spray roses such as Splendid Rosever, Bellalinda Glee, and Be Joyful convey rare, precious, tropical, and exotic feelings. These add a colorful touch to any environment, making them suitable for intuitive people.


Rose Be Joyful

Spray Rose Be Joyful


Lastly, Rose Hot Desire, their red variety, grabs attention with its representation of good fortune, joy, power, and strength. They are perfect for individuals who exude confidence and command presence, making a daring statement wherever they go.


Rose Hot Desire

Spray Rose Hot Desire


With the second edition of their ‘Let Your Personality Bloom’ campaign, Rosaprima invites you to discover the depth of their spray roses. Explore the personalities of each color and find the spray rose that speaks to you. Let your personality flourish and fully bloom with their newest spray roses!


Photos courtesy of Rosaprima.


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