Lavender, pink, blue and peach hues are particularly trendy this year

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Since 2003, Agrinag has been a rose farm located in Cotopaxi, Ecuador and has become part of the largest floriculture group in Ecuador, the Elite Floral Group, in September 2021. “This affiliation has allowed us to further reinforce our culture of innovation, positioning us as trendsetters and establishing our brand and farm as one of the most prestigious and cutting-edge in the industry”, says Agrinag’s Viviana Alexandra Guanulema Marin. Currently, the farm offers 80 rose varieties along with alstroemerias and every season, they publish a seasonal catalog and are now also working on a new visual image.

Spring campaign
Every season, Agrinag publishes a catalog. “It provides our customers with the latest updates on their floral offerings and showcases our newest varieties and collections.” And this spring campaign is all about embracing vibrant and refreshing colors that embody the spirit of the season, she continues. “Lavender, pink, blue and peach hues are particularly trendy this year, adding a sense of freshness and vitality to our floral collections. As for changes in trends, we’ve noticed a growing interest in pastel tones and natural, garden-inspired arrangements, reflecting a shift towards more organic and sustainable floral designs.”

Innovative varieties
The catalog contains many different and innovative varieties and one of the innovative varieties is Peonikiss. “This exclusive rose from Infinity Breeding boasts unique garden performance, opening like a peony to reveal its striking green interior. Its exquisite beauty is further enhanced by its enchanting pink-lavender tones, making it a perfect fit for brides. It makes a stunning base, truly worth seeing. With its captivating bloom and distinctive characteristics, Peonikiss stands out as the perfect choice for those seeking something truly exceptional.” And Agrinag features a showroom where they are the first to showcase new, different, and exclusive varieties.

New visual image
And why the decision for a new visual image? Guanulema Marin: “A new visual image allows us to stay ahead of the curve and resonate with our target audience in a rapidly evolving market. By refreshing our visual identity, we can communicate our commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence, reinforcing Agrinag’s position as a trendsetter in the floral industry.”

Spring demand so far
Agrinag’s flowers mainly go to North America, Europe, and Asia. How is the season so far? “Demand this spring has been robust, with a noticeable increase in orders for our latest varieties and collections. While the overall outlook is positive, we’ve also encountered challenges such as fluctuating market conditions and adverse weather conditions. To address these challenges, Agrinag has implemented strategic measures to optimize production, streamline operations, and ensure timely delivery to our customers. By remaining agile and adaptable, we’re able to navigate these challenges effectively and continue providing exceptional service to our clients.”

On top of producing flowers, Agrinag is committed to environmental sustainability and operates an animal protection center on its premises, caring for and safeguarding more than 10 species.

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