Latin American Floral Designers on the Rise

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Latin American floral art has been gaining significant recognition worldwide for its vibrant creativity and deep cultural roots. The region’s florists blend traditional influences with contemporary techniques, resulting in unique and captivating floral designs. These designers not only celebrate the natural beauty of Latin America but also push the boundaries of floral artistry, making a global impact with their work. Here’s a closer look at some of the most influential floral designers from Latin America who are setting new trends and inspiring others in the industry.

Latin American Floral Designers Buiding Their Floral Empires

Several Latin American floral designers are rising to prominence quickly, demonstrating the inventive spirit and rich cultural legacy of the region. Acknowledging their contributions to the flower industry, especially as designers is essential because they contribute new ideas and distinctive viewpoints to the international floriculture industry. Their creations are revolutionizing the flower world and setting new standards across the globe. Recognizing these gifted designers brings honor to their work and highlights the diversity and beauty of floral design from Latin America, which benefits the floral community as a whole.

Floral Designers and Talent From Mexico

If you’re a floral designer looking to get inspired and elevate your floral career, check out these amazing Mexican women who are on the rise:

Gabriela Salazar of La Musa de las Flores

Gabriela Salazar, the creative force behind La Musa de las Flores, started creating designs with flowers almost ten years ago after falling in love with them while studying architectural interiors in London. When Gabriela moved back to Mexico, she sought these flowers that captivated her, yet she could not find them in Mexico City. She moved from the city to the mountains to be surrounded by nature. It is here in Valle de Bravo she has grown an intentional, out-of-this-world garden that inspires her design work.

She credits her flower garden and the natural world for her carefree sense of style. Her designs emphasize organic shapes and a harmonious blend of colors and textures, often evoking a sense of natural elegance and wild beauty. Check out more of her work on @lamusadelasflores and the Thursd Florist Special about her.


Gabriela Salazar


Pina Cate

Mexican floral designer Pina Cate consistently strives to achieve an effortlessly elegant look, utilizing the best flowers available. She pushes beyond conventional limits by incorporating unique and innovative accessories to enhance each table setting. Her approach involves taking numerous trips annually to nourish her creative energy. These travels expose her to new trends and diverse cultural elements, providing a wealth of inspiration for her floral designs. Find more inspo on @pinacate0202.


Pina Cate

Pina Cate


Floral design by Pina Cate

Floral design by Pina Cate


Allium Floral Studio

Olympia Frangos and Matzuko Nishijima are the directors of Allium, a floral studio known for its organic, modern, and experimental style. They explore the possibilities of communication through flowers and foliage. Admiring floral artists like Australia’s Lisa Cooper, Ruby Barber of Marie Lenox, and Alejandro Salas of Día Uno Eventos, they draw inspiration beyond floral art, incorporating music, fashion, gastronomy, and architecture. Matzuko focuses on wild vegetation and foliage, while Olympia enjoys working with colorful flowers, each bringing different sensations. See more on their Instagram, @alliumestudiofloral.


Owners of Allium Floral Studio
Olympia Frangos and Matzuko Nishijima of Allium Floral Studio


Flower design by Allium Studio

Flower design by Allium Floral Studio


María Limón

María Limón is a passionate wedding designer, florist, and stylist for intimate destination weddings and elopements. You can find her most of the time in Tulum but also traveling all around fabulous cities and towns within Mexico such as San Miguel de Allende, Valladolid, Mérida, Holbox, and of course Mexico City; other times she is spreading the magic of her designs in Vancouver, BC in Canada. And as it is always time for traveling the rest of her time she is around the world creating some pretty things and always looking for inspiration. Follow her on @marialimon_.


Floral design by Maria Limon

Floral design by María Limón


Chilean Floral Designers

These floral designers from Chile are making an impression worldwide!

Carolina Spencer

Carolina Spencer has always felt a deep connection to nature. In 2008, she discovered the world of floral design under the mentorship of Donna Stain, working with her for seven years at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. In 2013, Carolina launched her floral business and brand, ‘Matagalán’. Through this, she explores the vibrant universe of floral art, bringing her unique vision and passion for nature into every creation.


Carolina Spencer

Carolina Spencer


Carolina can create very elegant compositions, but she always likes to play a bit with decadence or a slightly disordered element, and dualities, and she thinks this is reflected in her work. The beauty and perfection of the flower arranged in a disarranged manner is what she loves most. This also relates to her personality, as she shares that she is not a structured person. See more of her work on @matagalanplantae.


Floral design by Carolina Spencer

Floral design by Carolina Spencer


Víctor Flores

One of the most beautiful coincidences in life is when your name reflects what you love most in the world. This is the case for Victor Flores, a Peruvian floral designer living in Chile. ‘Flores’ meaning flowers is his last name and it’s no coincidence he ended up doing what he’s most passionate about: floral designing. In this florist special, don’t miss out on a fun interview with the skilled floral creative head behind Victor Flores Studio. Follow him on his floral design journey and adventures on  @victorflores_studio.


Victor Flores creating a table center with flowers
Víctor Flores


Floral design by Victor Flores

Floral design by Víctor Flores Studio


Floral Design From Argentina

From the Southern part of Latin America, this floral designer is making her way to the top.

Irina Khatsernova

Born in Moscow, Russia, and now based in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Irina Khatsernova is recognized for her sophisticated and refined floral arrangements. She left interior design behind and started floristry, which for her, is a blend of design, city, and nature. Irina always wanted to work with flowers. Her work as an interior designer was very urban, and she felt an immense need for nature.

The floral designer enjoys working with different styles and believes her style is to give each flower a place in the world and make it visible. Then everything falls into place. Sometimes she likes drama and sometimes minimalism. Check out more of her floral work, often featuring classic floral styles with a modern twist on


Irina Khatsernova

Irina Khatsernova


Floral design by Irina Khatsernova

Floral design by Irina Khatsernova


Brazilian Floral Creator

Lucía Milán

Lucía Milán has twenty-five years of experience in the flower industry. She started with her mother and then forged a solo career with a motto: sustainability. Hailing from São Paulo, her arrangements stand out for their originality and combination of flowers. She maximizes the use of tropical flora, seeds, and dried leaves, adding a touch with flowers from temperate climates. A trailblazer of the Tropical Nouveau style, she is a member of the Chapel Designers florist network, and Oliver Dupon highlighted her in his book ‘Floral Contemporary’ (2018). Follow her outstanding floral work on @luciamilan.


Lucia Milan floral designer

Lucía Milán


Floral design by Lucia Milan
Floral design by Lucía Milán


Colombian Flower Art and Design

Colombia is a country that is rich in flowers and floral heritage. This is where Juliana Bustillo comes in and takes advantage of such benefits to create floral magic through ‘Ora Floral Agency’, her flower business. Juliana created Ora to express floral creations filled with sensations and experiences.  A bolder experimentation with nature, where the aroma, textures, and colors of flowers transform people’s way of perceiving and interacting with them is one of Juliana’s goals as a floral designer.


Juliana Bustillo of Ora Floral Agency
Juliana Bustillo


At Ora, she designs meaningful and memorable floral pieces that challenge traditional notions of floral design, ensuring that each flower has a purpose and reason within the composition. Discover and see her designs on @orafloralagency.


Floral design by Ora Floral Agency

Floral design by Ora Floral Agency


These are only some of the many talented floral designers from Latin America who are making a significant impact on the global floral industry with their innovative and culturally rich creations. Each of them brings a unique vision and style to floristry, ensuring that their work stands out and inspires others around the world.


Header image by @luciamilan, featured image by @ora.floralagency.

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