Jiffy announces Preforma expansion with new west coast factory

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Jiffy announced the expansion of Jiffy Preforma product line with the opening of a new factory in Oregon, United States. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2024.

Meeting the needs of diverse growers
“Preforma has consistently demonstrated its value across a wide array of crops, providing reliable and efficient growing solutions”, the company explains. “Our new factory will uphold the same rigorous production processes and quality testing standards that have made Preforma a trusted name in the industry.”

Comprising a custom blend of coir or peat, a binder, and the grower’s choice of tray, Preforma supports crops through automated processes, whether growing from cuttings, seeds, or tissue culture. “This helps growers save on labor and reduce losses, ensuring a more productive and cost-effective operation.”

Innovative Solutions for Horticulture
Jiffy is dedicated to making Preforma a comprehensive solution for horticulture, agriculture, nursery, and forestry sectors. Designed to facilitate the propagation of tissue culture and difficult-to-root plants like orchids, Preforma is backed by methodical quality tests in material sourcing and production.

Join Jiffy at Cultivate 2024 Jiffy invites you to learn more about Performa and Jiffy’s latest advancements at the Cultivate event in Columbus, Ohio, on July 14- 16, 2024. Jiffy Booth: 1451

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