“It’s a great honor, it helps us to attract new licensees”

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“This spring, it rained medals for our company,” says Rosa Eskelund of Roses Forever. The Danish, family-owned, rose breeding company won gold in the 7th annual International Rose Trials at the Princess Grace Rose Garden in Monaco, and in the 16th Grand Prix de la Rose in Paris, France. “It’s a great honor, it helps us to attract new licensees. We already received licensee requests from German growers.”

The Orange Sunrise variety won gold in the International Rose Trials in Monaco

The 7th annual International Rose Trials in Monaco is hosted by the Friends of the Princess Grace Rose Garden Association, and the Department of Urban Amenities. The trial uses World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) standards and criteria. In this competition, an international jury assessed the quality, health, perfume, and esthetic appeal of 75 garden rose varieties.

Roses Forever won a gold medal in the ‘Hybrid Tea’ category with their Orange Sunrise variety. Rosa comments: “It’s the first time that we won gold during this competition. It’s not easy to win Monaco, because the gold medal is only awarded to a rose that scores high in all categories: overall impression, health, flower quality, and fragrance. This variety won thanks to its large-flowered rose, and full, lightly scented flowers. Aside from this achievement, Monaco is a great place to win.”

The Orange Sunrise variety is also known as the Herman Salling Plant ‘n’ Relax. Rosa explains: “The rose was developed in honor of merchant Herman Salling, and baptized in 2022 by Karin Salling in Aarhus. The rose is characterized by extreme health, the dark green leaves are glossy and thick, almost leathery. The foliage contrasts beautifully with the large salmon-orange flowers. Healthy and resistant roses are popular, they should be easy to deal with. Abroad, this variety is sold under the name Orange Sunrise.”

Rosa Eskelund with Karin Salling during the christening of the Herman Salling’s rose

In addition, Roses Forever won the first prize in the Grand Prix de la Rose in France, which is organized by the SNHF France National Horticultral Society. This contest took place in seven French parks, which are located in different climate zones. For two years, the roses were continuously assessed by experts. The winning variety is the one that gets most points in all the seven parks together. In Paris, Roses Forever’s Royal Estelle won in the Floribunda category. Rosa says: “Given the strict criteria, it’s extraordinary to receive this prize from the French Ministry of agriculture.”

Rosa Eskelund and Harley Eskelund receiving the first prize in the Florabunda category.

“Royal Estelle won many points in the health category. The rose has dark green leaves, and large flowers that open completely so that they are bee-friendly,” she continues. This rose is also named after a real-life person: “This rose is developed and marketed in honor of Princess Estelle of Sweden. This variety is planted in several rose gardens in Sweden, including in Kalmar’s brand-new rose garden.” Nevertheless, it is not the first time that Roses Forever won this prize. Previously they also won with the Royal Diva variety.

The Royal Estelle Plant ‘n’ Relax

Rosa concludes by saying: “Currently we have licensees in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. We get licensees from different countries every year.” Roses Forever develops and markets the Plant’n’Relax garden roses, and the Infinity mini pot roses.

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