Italy: Landgard founds new company Fiori & Piante S.r.l.

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Landgard seeks to be even more efficient and sustainable in the Italian flower and plant business. To this purposie it has founded the independent Landgard Fiori & Piante S.r.l. The new company is based in Italy and will officially commence business operations on 1 July 2024. Michael Bank, Florian Hinrichs and Dieter Kicherer will be responsible for the management.

Landgard has been one of the largest exporters of Italian herbs, flowers and plants to Northern Europe. Thanks to its strong local member companies and logistics, the growers’ cooperative supplies retailers with fresh Italian produce both during major events and in day-to-day business. This business segment will be expanded with Landgard Fiori & Piante S.r.l. The new company aims to promote Italian production, to secure access to high-quality Italian produce for Germany and other European sales markets, and to gain and further develop strong new member companies.

The newly founded company operates under Italian law within the Landgard producer cooperative according to the model that has been successful in Germany and Denmark. In addition, it has a new agile merchandise management system. At the same time, customers and growers can continue to rely on familiar contact persons as a very large proportion of the staff from the previous Ital Service has been taken over. Collaboration with established logistics service providers, for example, will also continue. Thus, during the transition period, Landgard Fiori & Piante aims to ensure the greatest possible continuity for current members, Italian industry partners and customers.

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