It can withstand hot temperatures as well as high humidity throughout the summer

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With climate change going on in full swing, growers have to grow varieties that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Catharanthus by Lazzeri ticks this box. “The Catharanthus, especially the Tropicana series, is a highly demanded plant because it can withstand hot temperatures as well as high humidity throughout the summer, and even up until the first winter colds,” says Andrea Lazzeri, Global Product Manager of Lazzeri Genetica. “There are really only a few varieties with those characteristics.”

The Tropicana series is indeed well-renowned for its resistance to hot weather. “It’s a top-performing plant during hot summers, and even when there’s heavy rain. In fact, you may say that the plant even loves these conditions,” he chuckles.

Of course, a plant wouldn’t be sought after by growers if consumers too weren’t demanding it. And it seems that Lazzeri Genetica knew exactly what to aim for: the Tropicana indeed has a very particular color spectrum, and it requires very low and easy maintenance while keeping its vibrant color and vitality throughout the summer.

The Tropicana series was introduced during the Flower Trials 2023, with demand highly exceeding the company’s expectations. “Consumers simply love it because of the great range of colors and because this plant is a novelty, and as the saying goes, new is always better!”

As of now, the plant comes in nine distinct colors, but it doesn’t end there. “In 2025, we are going to introduce 6 novelties, and in 2026 even more colors,” the Global Product Manager says.

Given the different resistances that the Tropicana series offers to growers and end consumers, and its vast range of colors, Lazzeri Genetica is very much aware that many want to put their hands on this plant. That is why they are also exporting Tropicana throughout Europe. “The combination of resistance, easy maintenance, and captivating colors ticks all the boxes for this plant to be another success for us,” he concludes.

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