Installation of new R&D greenhouse completed in three days

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Metazet has provided their tube rail system, MetaFIT, and FormFlex® cultivation gutters for the new R&D greenhouse within a record time of just three working days. This R&D greenhouse is an initiative of Harmoniz, HortiTech, and Metazet and serves as a leading knowledge center for horticulture, focusing on research, development, and education.

The area covering 1224 square meters involved the installation of MetaFIT, a tube rail system, and FormFlex® cultivation gutters distributed across 18 paths. In total, 1440 meters of 51mm greenhouse pipe with MetaFIT coupling were installed, along with 720 meters of cultivation gutter, where ultimately 2500 plants were placed on day 3.

Through meticulous planning and efficient execution, new cultivation was initiated within 3 working days from leveled ground to planted crop.

“With this achievement, Metazet reaffirms its position as a reliable and innovative partner in the horticultural industry. Their ability to deliver high-quality greenhouse installations in a short period further strengthens their position as a leading player in the sector. Metazet looks forward to contributing to the further development and progress of the R&D greenhouse and collaborating with HortiTech, Harmoniz, and other partners on groundbreaking innovations for horticulture.”

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