India: Man leaves secure job to find success in floriculture

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Bhausaheb Navale started the ‘Greens and Blooms’ nursery in Pune along with Sharad Patil, cultivating more than 150 exotic flowers like orchids and anthuriums. At the age of 50, he made the bold decision of leaving a secure job to pursue his passion for horticulture.

“There is no right time to take risks. You will have some responsibility at every stage of your life. You will never feel ready to take the plunge. You just have to believe in yourself and your talent, and you will be successful,” says Bhausaheb Navale (55).

Leaving behind a cushy job that paid him Rs 3 lakh per month, this floriculturist dived head first into a nursery business, which is investment-heavy and takes time to give returns. So, on March 1, 2020, he started a nursery business in Pune called ‘Greens and Blooms’ with his friend Sharad Patil. The duo invested almost Rs 50 lakh of their own capital to start the business.

“I learned a lot from my father. I would follow him everywhere, and much of my knowledge and work style comes from watching him. I wanted to take his name forward and chose to study BSc agriculture,” Bhausaheb tells The Better India. After completing his education in Pune, he worked in polyhouses and horticulture training centers. He was one of the early adopters when the floriculture industry started in India. After his stints in the country, he worked in Ethiopia for 10 years where he handled over 200 acres of rose cultivation.


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