India: Fluctuating prices leave flower traders worried

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Flower prices have increased by Rs 20-50 per kg depending on the variety in the district in the last ten days. But farmers and traders are upset as the demand is poor.

In Dharmapuri, rose, chrysanthemum, jasmine, magnolia and other varieties are cultivated in an area of over 7,050 hectares and sold in private markets. Over the past few weeks, the supply has reduced due to poor yield because of insufficient water, and the prices increased. However traders stated prices remain stable only due to the lack of demand and the situation does not bode well in the upcoming months.

Speaking to TNIE, R Kaliappan from Dharmapuri said, “The flower market has become extremely erratic due to the unpredictable weather. Right now the prices of flowers have increased from anywhere between Rs 20 to Rs 50 per kg due to short supply.


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