Hungary: Growers expect strong demand for ornamentals

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After last year’s record turnover, strong demand is expected again this year on the annual ornamental plants market. Domestic horticulture is preparing for the season with around 8-10 million geranium plants and 22-25 million other annual seedlings. The National Chamber of Agriculture and the Interprofessional Association of Hungarian Ornamental Gardeners advise buyers to prefer domestic horticultural stores and those producing gardens that sell from home. The gardeners can give a lot of advice to customers, and in addition to ornamental plants, they also help in choosing vegetable seedlings.

Hungarian ornamental gardeners await the beginning of the sales period for plants blooming in spring with high hopes. Although compared to the average of the past years, they are preparing for the season with slightly fewer seedlings this year, according to the hopes of the industry players, all the annual, biennial and perennial plants on the market will find a host this year. According to the joint market overview of the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Hungarian Ornamental Gardeners Association, about 8-10 million geranium seedlings and about 22-25 million seedlings of other blooming ornamental plants may be on the market this year.

According to the expectations of ornamental gardeners, after last year’s record sales, the demand for domestically grown annual, biennial and perennial ornamental plants will be strong this year as well


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