Humidity control and cooling with integrated fan and misting solutions

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“There is growing awareness around what high-pressure mist can provide in a greenhouse operation. Many growers did not originally design high pressure mist systems into their plans, and have later found that additional control of temperature and humidity are essential for their success. High pressure mist systems from FogCo deliver cost effective cooling and humidification controls with a system that quickly provides an ROI through improved plant health, vitality, yields, etc.” says Justin Graves of FogCo.

Based out of Chandler, Arizona, FogCo has 35 years of experience in high-pressure fog and mist solutions. After getting their start with residential cooling systems in Arizona, FogCo expanded into agricultural applications and began installing its solutions for improved humidity and climate control in both greenhouse and indoor cultivation settings. Today, the company installs its systems in all forms of controlled environment agriculture, from single level greenhouse cultivation to fully automated vertical indoor farms.

“Our product line is starting a new trend in the agricultural industry with proven results: the integration of fans and misting into a single, complete ventilation and cooling package”, says Justin. The company’s Revolution Humidification Fan, EC20 Mist Fan and smaller Evolution Humidification Fans provide a tuned air stream behind the fog nozzles. “This allows the system to carry the finely atomized water droplets away from the fan for increased coverage, faster evaporation and improved climate control”, he explains, adding using the proprietary advanced technology eliminates microclimates created by traditional mist lines.

“We have moved into controlled environment production in a very big way by combining horizontal airflow and high-pressure fogging. This results in more uniform cooling that is effective even in high-humidity areas where static misting isn’t always ideal.”

EC20 Mist Fans at TrueHarvest Farms in Belton, TX

Client feedback essential to continued optimization
The diverse application of FogCo’s products is best demonstrated through its client portfolio, including some major names in the industry such as Driscoll’s for berry production and Good Day Farm for cannabis production.

“Following installation, we cooperate closely with customers to collect data and feedback to ensure the system is as effective and optimized as best as possible,” explains Justin. “We use this data collection and our historical experience with clients to innovate and improve our technology for future customers.”

For the past two years, FogCo has been collaborating with Driscoll’s for improved VPD management in their berry production houses. After extensive testing, Driscoll’s selected the Revolution humidification fan for their use case, finding it delivered the most consistent VPD levels of all systems tested.


Close collaboration with Good Day Farm
FogCo has been collaborating with Good Day Farm to optimize air circulation in their cannabis operations. After thorough testing, comparing the performance of the EC20 Max circulation fans with competing HAF fans, Good Day Farm found the EC20 Max fans to be the superior choice. As Justin explains, their data clearly shows a reduction in microclimates leading to near complete eradication of mold problems, lower leaf temperatures, fewer hotspots and a more homogeneous environment after deploying FogCo’s EC20 Max fans. In addition, the unique low voltage speed control available for the EC20 Max fans, reduces installation costs, saves energy and reduces noise levels in their facilities.

“With our trademarked crop-level airflow design, we create a broader and gentler air pattern designed to move more air at the optimum wind speed for plant transpiration. Through customer collaborations in fan design, we have been able to achieve superior yields for our customers.”


FogCo will have a booth at Cultivate’24 (Booth #168) to showcase their high-pressure pumps, Revolution Humidification Fans, an EC20 Max Circulation Fan equipped with a speed controller and the Evolution Humidification Fan line. The company has grown significantly since its days of cooling backyards in Arizona with distribution and projects throughout most parts of the world.

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