How to Incorporate Indoor Plants Into Your Home Spa Experience

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Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to trade their bathroom for a refreshing rainforest or a serene Bali-inspired retreat? Well, we might not be able to teleport you to Bali or the Amazon rainforest, but we can confidently tell you how to bring some of that lush tranquility home. 

The trick? Blooming bountiful indoor plants! They don’t just spruce up your home spa but also usher in a wave of calm and bliss that we all crave after a long day.

The Magic of Greenery

The magic of greenery extends beyond aesthetics; it weaves a charm around your mind too. Studies prove that plants are natural stress busters and anxiety slayers. Let’s go over these benefits.


Picture by @ReneBoinski


The Aesthetic Appeal

If eyes are windows to the soul, let’s fit them with a pretty view. Enter indoor plants. They’re the 3D Instagram filters we never knew we needed. These green warriors turn your spa corner into an emerald paradise, giving it a dash of freshness that no photo app filter can compete with. 

Psychological Benefits 

Next, let’s dive (or should we say leaf) into the brainy part. Unbeknownst to many, plants play the role of silent therapists. They serve up a platter of wellness, helping to slash stress and anxiety levels, while also serving as Mother Nature’s personal air scrubbers. It’s as if they are whispering in our ears, ‘Hey pal, take a chill pill. You’ve earned it.’

Tips for Maintaining Your Green Oasis

Maintaining your mini jungle isn’t rocket science. Here’s your go-to guide to keep those green buddies thriving, ensuring your spa feels lush and lively year-round.


Girl in bath tub with plant


Water Wisely

Over-watering is a no-no. Most indoor plants like to dry out a bit between drinks. It’s like giving them a mini break. Picture it as allowing them to breathe and have a quick water break between their marathon photosynthesis sessions.

Clean Regularly

A clean, tranquil ambiance is crucial for both you and your plants. Speaking of cleanliness, if you have a spa tub, try cleaning the spa jets regularly. A clean spa not only prolongs the life of your tub but also enhances your relaxation experience.

Moreover, regular cleaning can help restore your spa to its former glory–picture the hydrotherapy it had when it was first installed. 

Light Matters

Most spa-loving plants adore humidity and light, in the right doses. Indirect sunlight makes a perfect partner for most of them. Got a bright bathroom? That’s ideal! But, if your spa space is more like a cave than a cabana, don’t throw in the towel. 

Choosing the Right Plants

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all plants thrive in humid spa-like conditions. Here’s a nifty little guide to help you pick the ones that do:


Often overlooked, ferns are the undercover agents of the plant world. They don’t sport flamboyant colors, but boy oh boy, do they have a knack for humidity! Their love for moisture makes them a perfect match for your sultry spa setting. 

Plus, with their variety of shapes and sizes, they’ll add a rainforest vibe that can give your space a visual punch in the gut.


Orchids are the creme of the plant world – absolutely gorgeous, a bit demanding, but always stealing the show. These plants bloom their best when they’re in their favorite climate – humid and warm – making them the perfect centerpiece for your spa backdrop.


Indoor aloe vera plant
Picture by @kylar Kang


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera isn’t just a pretty face – it’s also your go-to green doctor. This multitasking maven is not only easy on the eye but also doubles up as a skincare superhero. Scraped your elbow or got a minor burn? Just snap a leaf and you have an instant natural remedy.


Bamboo plants, with their exotic vibe, are like the cool cousin who saunters in and lights up every family gathering. They practically grow themselves and love to take a dip, growing happily in water. Just pop a few stalks into a decorative vase, and voila! You’ve got a minimalist, exotic touch to your spa-like sanctuary.

Wrapping Up

Blending indoor plants into your home spa experience is a magical concoction of aesthetics and wellness. It doesn’t just titivate the space; it breathes life into it. Ready to morph your home into a lush spa retreat? Get those plants, set the mood, and for that extra dollop of luxury, remember to clean those spa jets.

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