How to Care For Jewelry as a Dedicated Gardener

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For gardeners, there is an undeniable joy in lush greenery, colorful blooms, and outdoor spaces. It is more than a hobby, it’s a labor of love, an opportunity to connect with nature and find solace in the most beautiful things life offers. It fills our worlds with unparalleled beauty to experience life from a different lens. And, a passion for gardening can also do a number on our beautiful jewelry pieces, particularly rings. When caring for jewelry as a gardener, there are a few essential tips you should keep in mind to ensure your favorite pieces maintain the same radiance and splendor as the blooms in your garden.

Choose the Right Jewelry

As a gardener, you should avoid certain gemstones since they are susceptible to damage. Avoid jewelry with intricate styles and designs and opt instead for gemstones and metals resistant to damage. By doing so, you’re provided more freedom to play in the dirt and help your plants, flowers, and greenery thrive.


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Although there are limitations, you can find beautiful jewelry that makes you look and feel great and still enjoy your love of gardening. For diamond lovers, Moissanite is a great alternative.   

Don’t be alarmed if you have never heard of Moissanite. Many people have not, although in recent years, the popularity of the gemstone has soared. More people have discovered the brilliance and benefits of Moissanite and now actually prefer it to diamonds, particularly gardeners who understand how easily a piece of jewelry can be ruined.

Since Moissanite occurs naturally only in small quantities, it is often lab-grown and created. Lab-grown gemstones offer an affordable and impressive alternative to natural diamonds.

The gemstone looks and feels like a diamond at a fraction of the cost and with a handful more benefits.  Moissanite is the gemstone of choice in engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and many other pieces.

Composed of silicon and carbon, Moissanite is one of the toughest gemstones known to man, as it is resistant to chipping, scratching, and breaking. Gardeners who choose Moissanite can wear jewelry and still enjoy their favorite hobby.

Plus, some Moissanite products resemble diamonds. Perhaps only you will know that your jewelry is Moissanite rather than a diamond. The striking brilliance and sophistication the pieces offer perfectly decorate your style no matter what activities fill your day.

How to Care for Your Jewelry as a Gardener

The most practical way to keep jewelry clean and damage-free as a gardener is to remove pieces before heading outdoors. Dirt, fertilizer, and other gardening necessities can tarnish or corrode silver, gold, diamonds, and other jewelry pieces. Your jewelry isn’t a garden tool that can help you care for your flowers and plants, so why bring it along for the show? 

But, what about jewelry that you cannot or will not remove for one reason or another? What if you forget the ring or other jewelry piece is on your body until it’s covered in dirt and mulch

If you notice a ring on your finger or bracelet on your wrist, remove the pieces as soon as possible. Clean your jewelry with mild soap and warm water when you come inside. A solution of soap and water is generally strong enough to remove dirt caught in crevices and other unsightly blemishes. Jewelry cleaning solutions are available to clean jewelry with extra stubborn grime and tarnish. Polishing your jewelry can also help restore its original beauty, luster, and shine.

If you wear jewelry like rings or bracelets, throw on a pair of gloves. Wearing gloves minimizes the contact your hands and arms make with dirt, debris, and harsh chemicals that can damage your jewelry.

Professional jewelry cleaning can ensure your fine jewelry pieces remain brilliant for years to come. The jeweler can give you tips and advice on caring for and cleaning your specific type of jewelry to help maintain its pristine condition. The cost of a professional jewelry cleaning varies, although the price is usually fairly reasonable.


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Proper Jewelry Storage

Many people have a bad habit of removing their jewelry and tossing it on top of the dresser or into a jewelry box. These practices can damage your jewelry and ruin it over time. Necklaces get tangled, gemstones begin to tarnish or chip, and the pieces are susceptible to dirt, debris, and exposure to sunlight that further damage them.

To keep your jewelry looking new, properly store it inside a jewelry box or pouch and place it in a cool, dry place far away from sunlight. If you store your jewelry in a box, ensure it features individual compartments for each piece of jewelry. Individual compartments prevent tangling and scratching and will keep your pieces organized.

A few final jewelry storage tips:

  • Clean jewelry before storing it. Jewelry should be clean and dry before it is put away, regardless of your preferred storage method.
  • Don’t forget about jewelry stored for long periods. Every few months, remove it from its storage area for a quick cleaning.  
  • Separate jewelry by metal to prevent tarnishing if the metals come into contact with one another
  • Use silica packets inside jewelry boxes to reduce tarnish. High humidity levels often cause tarnishing, and a silica pack helps tremendously.
  • In addition to jewelry boxes and pouches, other organization options include trays, stands, and shelves. These work well for small and large jewelry collections since you can find them in assorted sizes and styles.
  • Regularly inspect your jewelry, looking for any vulnerabilities or signs of damage. Take the jewelry to a jeweler for repair at the first sign of trouble.

Jewelry and Gardening Can Work for You

Gardening is a beloved pastime for people across the world of every age and background. For people with a green thumb, gardening is invigorating and exciting. Now, gardeners can express themselves with jewelry as they enjoy their love of the great outdoors using the simple tips and advice outlined here. This information is all you need to enjoy gardening without damaging your jewelry.

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