How floral picks can help increase sales

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Decorative floral picks can be the deciding factor between a sale and a missed opportunity. These are an accessory to your floral arrangement, usually representing a certain holiday or event, like Valentine’s Day or Breast Cancer Awareness month. These picks enhance your overall floral arrangement, adding an attention-grabbing, attractive element that can push consumers toward a sale. But, do these cost-effective accessories really have that big of an impact on your bottom line? Let’s dive into the benefits of using floral picks in your floral arrangements.

Benefits of Using Floral Picks – Enhanced Presentation and Aesthetics
Consumers evaluate the quality, design, size, color, and creativity of your packaging in seconds. In fact, it only takes three to five seconds for a consumer to notice a certain product and decide to purchase it or not. That’s why it’s so important to use additional packaging materials to ensure your arrangement stands out amongst the competition. Floral picks are a great, inexpensive way to enhance the presentation of your floral arrangements, which can increase sales.

Positive Impact on Perceived Value
When it comes to floral arrangements, aesthetics are key. After all, 72% of consumers state that their purchase decisions were influenced by a product’s packaging design. Adding a floral pick can help pull together the overall floral arrangement in a manner that’s pleasing to the eye. Not to mention, floral picks are a great way to draw attention, further increasing the chance of a sale.

Additionally, this increased perceived value can help you justify higher prices for your floral arrangements. By strategically incorporating premium or decorative accessories into your floral arrangements, you can effectively upsell customers, increasing the average transaction value for your brand.

Facilitation of Creative Design Possibilities
Many companies opt to add floral picks to their products because of the countless design possibilities they provide. That way, it’s easy to dress up your floral arrangements even more to catch consumer attention. From Mother’s Day to Halloween and beyond, there are a range of picks that can help level up your products.

Get Quality Floral Picks Today
If you need high-quality floral picks, turn to PPC Flex. We’ve been providing floral packaging for customers all over the world since 1980, and we’d love to help you get what you need. We invest in the best equipment and the most experienced team, ensuring you get the best floral packaging products possible. From floral sheets and sleeves to accessories and beyond, we can do it all.

When you work with us, you can be sure that all your floral packaging materials are made with sustainability in mind. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint, but it helps you appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumers. Many of our products are made of recyclable materials like BOPP, CPP, and HDPE. We also offer compostable films that reduce strain on the environment. Additionally, we invest in machinery to further reduce our impact on the environment. Our laser anilox cleaner helps reduce water and energy consumption during the plate cleaning process. And, our regenerative thermal oxidizer destroys 99% of VOCs, almost completely eliminating any air pollution from our manufacturing process.

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