Hot Off The Potting Bench to be a key feature at BBC Gardeners World Live 2024

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13 to 16th June 2024

Voted as one of the best features at the show in 2023, Hot Off The Potting Bench, the display of new plant introductions that had over 100 entries last year, will be back,”bigger, better and bolder,” at the event at the NEC Birmingham from the 13 to 16th June 2024.

The feature gives breeders and growers a platform to showcase their latest varieties to the 90,000 plus visitors who will come along to the show and enjoy the sights, smells and atmosphere of the Floral Marquee. At the Visitor Vote growers can gain some highly valuable insight into what catches the public’s eye.

In addition, a panel of expert judges will assess all the entries to select the best new plant introduction at the show and award the Peter Seabrook Trophy, all generating publicity to help increase sales potential of new varieties.

Nicci Gow, organizer of the feature said: “The collection of new plant varieties provides an extremely useful resource for gardening writers and journalists, as so many new varieties are gathered together. Last year BBC Gardeners World did a significant amount of filming for their programs, and we had a near constant stream of influencers taking pictures throughout the show.”

The design of the exhibit this year will also get the show visitors up even closer to the plants, with a ‘walk through’ layout providing a more immersive experience.

Entry of new varieties into the feature is kept simple for busy breeders and growers, with the straightforward definition of ‘new’ being:

1). The plant variety(s) you enter should be your latest introductions for 2024/25 and will not have been available for general sale to the public prior to the 1st January 2024.

2). Your plant may have been exhibited at another event in 2024. Equally it may be something, until now secret, that you have coming on line for the 2025 season and may not yet have a name.

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