Horti XS will be building another glass greenhouse in Morocco

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A new glass greenhouse will be built in Morocco. Once again, it is a university that is having a greenhouse built, but this time with a different focus than the demo center in Agadir. Sebastiaan Hijstek of greenhouse builder Horti XS gives us an update.

It was also Horti XS that built a glass greenhouse in Agadir, just after the North African country reopened after corona. With Dutch grower Richard van Schie at the helm, that project is currently running well. The focus at the demo project in Agadir? Showing how it is possible to grow with less water, using modern techniques. “They are achieving good results and collecting valuable data about more efficient water use, and about the harvest,” Sebastiaan knows.

The researchers at the university in Agadir, the Institute Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, can use the data to further develop horticulture at home. Glass greenhouses are still quite new in Morocco, so there is still a lot to learn about this.

Greenhouse deck glass greenhouse in Agadir, the first ever built in Morocco.

Similarities and differences
With the construction of the glass greenhouse in Morocco, Horti XS gained notoriety that has now brought a second project to the Dutch greenhouse construction company “To some extent, you can say that this project in Ben Guerir is similar. Here too, the greenhouse is set up for research, for the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University this time. The greenhouse consists of several sections where fundamental and applied research can be carried out. What they want, they can now also see locally thanks to the demo project.”

There are many similarities with the project in Agadir, yet there are also differences. “Whereas the greenhouse in Agadir is more focused on applied research, this greenhouse is more suited to fundamental research.”

Sebastian (far left) with members of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

Discussions with academics
In the various greenhouse sections, that Horti XS will build with the help of local partners, the scientists will investigate numerous aspects, from plant types to bacteria. Sebastiaan, who has been on site several times, saw it with his own eyes. What makes this project special for him are the contacts with scientists. “Normally you discuss with growers, now with academics. That can be challenging, but it is also very interesting. From day 1, they have been busy with documentation.”

The greenhouse, which construction will start soon, will be equipped with all kinds of modern technology that the university does not yet have in its current greenhouse facilities. “It will have a double screen, air mechanics and mechanical cooling,” the Dutch greenhouse builder lists. “It will be another special project.”

Preparations in full swing, January 2024.

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