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More than 7.000 visitors made their way to HortEx Vietnam 2024 last week in Ho Chi Minh City to forge new connections, source new products, and obtain market information. That’s what the trade show, with 150 companies representing 25 countries, is all about.

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The trade show united several international suppliers with local companies. Co-hosted with the event were several seminars and knowledge sessions, including an overview of Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable industry and its planting areas, applying IoT technology in Precision Agriculture, and clean and high-quality fruit: the key to access to new markets. Also collaboration with Turkey was an important topic, as several Turkish companies were present at the show and see their solutions can help Vietnamese growers. Several Dutch companies presented their solutions for sustainable floriculture and how to bring the Vietnamese horticulture sector to the next level. Also topics like the production of tropical fruit were discussed.

Erik van der Geest and Matthijs Kemperink with NPI, not only showed their water tanks but also their horticultural supplies.

Eduardo Guillio with Prisma was exploring the possibilities in the market, seeing there is a demand for big-headed roses

The Vietnamese greenhouse market, particularly in Da Lat, Lam Dong province, has seen rapid growth in the past three decades, with around 2500 hectares of greenhouses currently in operation. While these greenhouses offer higher efficiency and income stability for growers, they also present challenges. The government is implementing programs to relocate some greenhouses from city centers due to concerns about agri-plastic waste buildup and flooding. Lam Dong aims to reduce greenhouse areas and offers loan packages to encourage outdoor cultivation.

To address these challenges, suppliers at trade shows propose technical solutions such as improved irrigation, reduced chemical use, increased yields, and stronger greenhouse structures. These solutions include irrigation control tools, beneficial insects for pest management, climate sensors, and greenhouse structures from various international suppliers.

Bellaflor was researching the market and looking to export flowers to Vietnam. In the photo Sean Hug, Andres Bassante, and Gil Rodriguez

Berend van Iterson, Cees Dekker en Lennart Hendriks, Dekker Chrysanten, visited Robert van der Knaap, Big Dutchman.

Of to 2025
“Given the feedback of both visitors and exhibitors, we can conclude that the 2024 edition of HortEx Vietnam has been a great success! In large majority, exhibitors have indicated that they support the future plans to be co-located with Agritechnica Asia and alternate between Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok”, says organizer Kuno Jacobs with Nova exhibitions. The next edition of HortEx Vietnam, co-located with Agritechnica Asia, will take place from 12-14 March 2025 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Click here for the photo report.

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