Hort Americas partners with Meteor Systems to distribute HDPE floating rafts in North America

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In a move to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of horticultural practices, Hort Americas announced today a partnership with Meteor Systems to distribute their HDPE floating rafts in North America.

According to Hort Americas, Meteor Systems’ HDPE floating rafts are easy to clean and exceptionally durable, outlasting traditional EPS rafts by four to five times. This longevity reduces the need for replacements, minimizing landfill waste and promoting more sustainable agricultural practices.

“Our goal continues to be focused on offering products that last, and we feel this is our best option for cost-effective, sustainable solutions at this point in time,” said Chris Higgins, president and co-founder of Hort Americas. “Offering a durable HDPE floating raft aligns with our commitment to bring more environmentally friendly solutions to the market. These rafts provide a longer lifespan and better insulation capacity than traditional EPS rafts.”

The HDPE floating rafts offer benefits designed to increase operational efficiency and profitability. They can be handled both manually and automatically, making them suitable for various farming systems, including deep water culture and vertical farming.The unique design also allows for customization in plant hole shapes and sizes. This makes for easier plant removal and transplanting, Hort America states.

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