“History and lineage is what makes each rose special”

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The United States, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Japan, and Australia are just a few of the destinations of Natuflor’s roses. Yet, it is in Machachi, Ecuador where their journeys begins. To highlight the heritage of their roses, Natuflor (an Ecuadorian rose farm) launched the ‘Flowers Who Heritage’ campaign.

Natuflor’s Viviana Alexandra Guanulema Marin comments: “With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, we wanted to connect our audience with the heritage and history of our roses. We aim to showcase each rose’s journey from the lab to the farm, highlighting their unique stories and the legacy they carry that makes them unique.”

In this article, Guanulema Marin tells us how Natuflor tried to convey this message to their audience, and how the campaign unfolded.

Storytelling, certifications, and the color red
Guanulema Marin points out that the campaign is designed to reach flower enthusiasts and professionals by responding to current market trends. “The campaign capitalizes on consumers’ interest in unique and storied products by highlighting the heritage of each rose. We’ve also noticed a growing appreciation for sustainability and ethical practices in the floral industry.”

To attract the interests of their target audience, the ‘Flowers Who Heritage’ made use of imagery, storytelling, and the color red: “With these trends in mind, we developed a campaign that focuses on the journey of each rose from seed to stardom. We use vivid imagery and storytelling to bring the heritage of our roses to life.

To this end we emphasized the red color of our brand to reinforce our visual identity, and to create a strong, memorable connection with our audience. Similarly, our campaign emphases our Fairtrade USA and Flor Verde certifications, which reflect our commitment to social and environmental responsibility,” she states.

The color red plays an important role in the campaign

The goal and the results
According to Guanulema Marin, the main goal of the campaign was to expand their global reach and to expand their product range. So far she is happy with the results, saying: “We’ve seen a positive response to the campaign. There’s been an increase in brand recognition and engagement on our social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook).

Among our varieties, Peonikiss, Angelkiss, and Mamma Mia are expected to be the most popular. Peonikiss, with its spectacular petal count and stunning pinky/lavender hue, captivates with its unique beauty. Angelkiss, part of our exclusive Elevate Roses program, stands out for its elegance and versatility in any arrangement. Mamma Mia, with its vibrant red color and excellent performance, is perfect for making a bold statement.”

Continuing the journey
In the coming years, Natuflor seeks to continue their current approach: “Our journey began in 1995, and since then has been marked by growth (with 93.40 acres, 126 varieties), innovation, and a commitment to quality and sustainability. We look forward to continuing this journey with our partners and customers.

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