HB RTS announces partnership with Euro Plant Tray GmbH

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HB RTS announces its partnership with Euro Plant Tray GmbH as pool operator, set to begin in August 2024.

Starting with the first EPT trays contracted in August 2024, initial deliveries will come directly from production facilities. Gradually, they will open depots across Europe, beginning with the main hubs of the green industry and expanding further in the coming years.

Dirk Bansemer (EPT GmbH), and Eric Schrover (HB RTS)

Dirk Bansemer, Managing Director of Euro Plant Tray GmbH: “We are very happy about the partnership with HB RTS. Their team not only has a European network but also many years of experience managing different Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) in the European retail sector from production to the retailer and back. We are confident that HB RTS will not only manage the handling of our contract stock well but will also support EPT users when they want to improve or outsource parts of their RTI management, thus offering new opportunities for more efficiency and streamlined processes.”

Eric Schrover, CEO of HB RTS, also shared his excitement: “We are proud to become EPT’s pool operator. It’s a next step in increasing the use of reusable transport packaging within industry and retail across Europe, which aligns perfectly with our mission. As RTI experts, we play a crucial role in promoting the circular economy. By combining our expertise with advanced systems, we are the ideal partner to manage a European pool effectively and sustainably.”

The goal of HB RTS is to enhance efficiency and create sustainable processes for all stakeholders involved.

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