Gypsophila Aka Baby’s Breath Is the All Time Favorite Filler Flower

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Gypsophila, also known as ‘baby’s breath’, is one of the most marvelous, yet delicate-looking padding or filler flowers as we like to call them. They have become known worldwide for making beautiful statements in weddings and bouquets.

The Beauty of Gypsophila Will Subdue Your Life

Before going on about gypsophila, take a deep breath because its appearance and little beauty are condemned to make you fall in love and gasp in awe. Baby’s breath, has long been a staple filler flower.

It makes sense considering how well its angular stems and lovely, fluffy white blossoms fill the spaces between larger blooms. Modern varieties such as Gypsophila Grandtastic, Xlence, and Million Stars are iconic and frequently used as focus flowers.


Gypsophila Grandtastic


Delicate Colors That Immerse You Into a Peaceful State

Baby’s breath varieties are widely known for portraying light shade colors such as white, or very light pink with the sole purpose of adding a graceful and subtle touch to any floral arrangement or decor spot.

The best part of all is that you can even create an entire bouquet just using baby’s breath and you’ll get everyone wanting your bouquet. There’s just something in its shape and color that fastly drives people’s attention straight to the blooms.


Pink babys breath gypsophila filler flower on Thursd
Photo: Flower Moxie


A Perennial Flowering Plant

There are a few things to get straightened up when it comes to baby’s breath as many can get confused as to when these gorgeous white flowers bloom, as well as their ending cycle. It’s important to know that gypsophila belongs to the plant family Caryophyllaceae, meaning they are cousins with carnations.


There are a few babys breath colors to choose from on Thursd
Photo: Cascade Floral Wholesale


Depending on the gypsophila variety, baby’s breath is a flowering plant that can be annual, meaning they grow flower and die in the same year, or it can be perennial, meaning they grow back again and again. The varieties we’ve mentioned above are perennials that come up every year, and the flowers come in pink and white colors as you can see. On the other hand, an example of an annual baby’s breath would be the gypsophila “elegans” which is known to be the annual form of this plant.

Uses of Baby’s Breath

As mentioned previously, baby’s breath can serve two main purposes for all the tiny white flower fans. First and foremost, they are great filler flowers that add a peep of texture and volume to any desired floral design.


Babys breath is one of the most used for wedding bouquets and decor on Thursd
Photo: Farmers Almanac


Nowadays, baby’s breath is also considered one of the most popular uses for wedding bouquets and overall decoration. They just have a way of getting into people’s hearts and never disappoint for any type of use.

The Story Behind Baby’s Breath Name

Some claim that the name of baby’s breath comes from the fact that it has long been a favorite baby shower gift. Alternative viewpoints contend that the term ‘baby’s breath’ refers to their use as a subtle accent flower among other flowers because of their small size and delicate nature. What do you think? We just know we adore them!


Babys breath is also known as gypsophila on Thursd
Photo: Petal Republic


Gypsophila’s Meaning and Symbolism

The Greek terms ‘gypos’ and ‘philos’, which translate to ‘gypsum’ and ‘loving’, respectively, and relate to the flower’s affinity for growing in gypsum-rich soil, are the source of the scientific genus name for baby’s breath, gypsophila. As an interesting fact, baby’s breath stems are frequently given to new or expecting mothers as gifts because of their relationship with children’s purity, and innocence. 


Babys breath symbolizes the purity of marriage on Thursd
Photo: Wind Flower Florist

While on the other side, baby’s breath also has quite a special significance when it comes to loving relationships. The white color represents the purity of marriage when used in wedding bouquets and arrangements, acting as a reminder to cherish our loved ones and show them as much affection as we can.

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